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Cavalier Daily Alumni Association
Serving Cavalier Daily alumni since 2013

Looking for Alumni Stories to Share

Newsletters like this are a great way of telling alumni what’s going on with The Cavalier Daily and with The Cavalier Daily Alumni Association. But we don’t want to stop there. We don’t want to just talk to you; we want to provide a place where you can talk to each other.

That’s why future newsletters will aim to feature your voice, as well as ours. Tell us your stories. Your fondest memories of the CD, what you’re doing now, tales from recent gathering of ex-CDers, your thoughts on journalism or UVA – any topic is fair game. If it’s important or amusing to you, we’d like to hear about it.

Hopefully, your stories will spark others to tell theirs. A recent Facebook post about the impending demolition of University Hall, for example, brought forth memories of the Student Newspaper Invitational Tournament. We’d love to generate more conversations like that.

Feel free to post to our Facebook site, or just send an email to Michael Bass, our CDAA communications chairman (