Beta Notes

Andrew Sanders ’14

The spring semester has been an enjoyable time at 161 Rugby Road. The recruitment of twenty-four new members wasn’t the only change to come to the Alpha chapter. The most notable change was the installment of an in-house sprinkler system. This new sprinkler system, which spans all four floors, services every room and hallway, and brings the chapter house up to more modern safety standards. The installation of the entire system was a fast and thorough process that also led to re-doing the ceiling of the second floor hallway, which served to cover up all of the new plumbing.
As usual, most brothers are excited for spring weather, and the expanded use of the front lawn that comes with it. To take advantage of this, the brotherhood has decided to schedule another philanthropy, Bonnahoo, for April 26. Bonnahoo will be an outdoor music festival organized with the Pi Beta Phi sorority. The proceeds of the event will be donated to the Ronald McDonald house charity, along with the literacy oriented First Book charity. Finally, renovations of the basement are on the horizon. These renovations will serve to revamp the basement and make it yet another space in which brothers can socialize and spend time together. I have deeply enjoyed my first semester as Beta, and I look forward to continuing my service to the Alpha chapter when school resumes in the fall.