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Cavalier Marching Band Alumni Association
at the University of Virginia

CMB Dog (and Cat)-spotting

For this edition, we asked CMB alumni to share pictures of the pets that they’ve welcomed into their lives since they graduated – here are just a few of these CMB furbabies!


Jersey is a happy and friendly 8 year old shepherd mix from Virginia.  Her owners, Emily Bixel (Class of ’14, Drumline) and Matt Schagrin (Class of ’13, Drumline) love to cuddle with Jersey on the couch and go for walks in Prospect Park (pictured).  Matt, Emily, and Jersey live in Brooklyn, NY, and love it there.  Matt and Emily are getting married in Charlottesville this May.  Jersey is hoping to be a bridesmaid.




Taylor (Class of ‘09/’10, Drumline) and Tiago Bezerra (Class of ‘10, Drumline) have three pets: Oliver (cat), Stella (right side), and Loki (front). Their pets’ favorite activities are as follows:

Stella – eating breakfast, counter surfing, eating dinner, stealing other people’s food, basically anything involving food.

Loki – cuddling, giving handshakes, stalking cats.

Oliver – bugging Stella, meowing incessantly, kitty parkour.


When not reading up on British history or lounging with her friend Bear (as pictured), Millie, who belongs to Nick Vallorano (Class of ’12, Alto Sax/Drum Major) and Hilary Vallorano (Class of ’11, Clarinet)  is the Scottish socialite of Chicago.  More people in our neighborhood know her than know us!


Gaston is Stefani Bell’s (Class of ’14, Trombone/Drum Major) playful 10-year-old Goldendoodle who isn’t golden and doesn’t know he’s not a puppy any longer.  His big and loving personality attracts everyone and Stef is pretty sure she’s not invited places unless she brings Gaston along. Stef and Gaston’s favorite hobby is running around Charlottesville when he’s carrying a stick in his mouth, people think it’s the funniest thing! He is always good for a laugh and a lot of love.


My name is Llama and I am 5 months old. My human, Kaitlin LaGrasta (Class of ’15, Drumline) started fostering me when I was 5 weeks old, weighed less than two pounds, and looked like an alien. She got too attached so she adopted me! I enjoy snuggles, tin foil balls, long naps on the bed, kneading my favorite blanket, destroying house plants, and wrastlin’ with my kitty bff, Kicker.





This is Tyson! He is Kayla Berry’s (Class of ’11, Clarinet) 6-year-old Cockachon (that’s a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a Bichon Frise). His favorite activities include napping, cuddles, morning belly rubs, and begging for treats. He recently learned to fetch, but don’t expect him to do it more than two times in a row. Tyson loves wearing bow ties (he’s a gentleman like that) and cheering on the Hoos every chance he gets.