Cavalier Marching Band Alumni Association

The Cavalier Marching Band Alumni Association (CMBAA) is an organization that serves to unite past and present members of the Cavalier Marching Band (CMB) and serve its alumni.  The CMBAA values the memories and connections we have made with our band family over the years. So many of our events involve connecting alumni with each other, like alumni Band, reunions events, and UVA sports watch parties. Simply put, we love the CMB and seek to support the band and its alumni whenever possible!

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Cavalier Marching Band Alumni Association Board Members

Kyle Ruempler

Kyle Ruempler graduated in 2014 from the College of Arts & Sciences with a BA in Music & Studio Art. In the CMB, Kyle was a trumpet player for three years and a drum major his fourth year. He also performed in the concert band and wind ensemble during his time at UVA, and in the Charlottesville Symphony after graduating. In 2016, Kyle moved back to Northern VA and began working for a real estate brokerage. When not checking out fancy houses that are way above his pay grade, Kyle continues to play trumpet in the DC Different Drummers ensembles (jazz, concert, marching). Kyle currently serves as the Chair of the CMBAA Board of Directors.

Parker Reynolds

Parker Graduated in 2011 from the College of Arts and Sciences with a degree in English. He went on to get his Masters in Teaching from Duke University. He will be enrolling in a Ph.D program at the University of Michigan this fall. In the CMB, Parker was probably top 4 most annoying people, both playing Sousa and yelling quite loudly. Somehow he served 2 years as Drill Instructor and served his final year as Sousa section leader. He currently works as a consultant at NASA HQ and is not quite convinced that college basketball isn’t some sort of bizarre hoax.

Kyle Craig

Kyle graduated in 2008 from the School of Engineering with a BS in Computer Engineering and then again in 2014 from the School of Engineering with a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering. Kyle was part of the inaugural season of the CMB as a baritone player and was with involved with the CMB in some capacity for 11 years . Kyle spent 9 years as a member of the band(1 year as a baby-faced first year, 3 years as a drill instructor, 2 years as a section leader, and 3 years as resident old guy) and 2 years as a graduate assistant (primarily driving a truck full of tuba’s around grounds on game day.

Brian Whitlow

Brian Whitlow graduated in 2015 with a BS in Computer Engineering and in 2017 with an MS in Statistics. For four years in the CMB, Brian played bass trombone and served on the uniform crew and as a trombone section leader. Brian works as a Statistician in South Carolina and loves to watch our Hoos win and our band play.

Paul De

Paul De graduated in 2008 from the School of Architecture with a BS. As part of the CMB in its inaugural 2004 season, he played trombone (then bass trombone), and served as a drill instructor, webmaster, librarian, and attendance at varying times during his latter three years, and also played in the concert band. Having worked in Falls Church as a site producer for quite a while, Paul occasionally makes appearances at UVA-related events, and has taken up west coast swing dancing, as well as recently rejoined the CMBAA board after having previously served from 2011-2014.

Lauren Breeden

Lauren Breeden is finishing her BS of Interdisciplinary Studies from the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. During her 5 years with the CMB, Lauren was a member of the saxophone section (alto for three years, tenor for two), and served on uniform crew and as a drill instructor during her tenure. She also performed in the wind ensemble for four years, and the saxophone quartet for two of those. Lauren still resides in Charlottesville, working as the Safety & Training Manager at University Transit Service, and is attempting to go to as many music festivals as possible, while still keeping her job.

Kelly Harris

Kelly Harris graduated in 2013 from the Curry School of Education BA/MT program.  She played snare drum in the CMB for four years and was a graduate assistant for one year.  Currently, Kelly lives in Virginia Beach with her husband, Ricky. She teaches first grade and hopes to be teaching the next generation of Wahoos!