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Cavalier Marching Band Alumni Association
at the University of Virginia

CMBAA 2019 NCAA Bracket Challange

We know you’ve been diligently following the adventures of Tony Bennett and the Wahoos this season and we’re sure you’re very excited for another NCAA tournament run. But that’s not all you should be excited for. It’s also time for March Madness and the annual CMBAA Bracket Challenge!

We had a fantastic Challenge last year (with 111 participants!) and this year can be even better. For those new and old to the CMBAA, here’s how it works:

1. Join the ESPN group. The CMBAA has set up a group on the ESPN Tournament Challenge site, and it’s really easy to join in the fun. Click here to go to our group. The password to join is pistolpease. You’ll have to log in (you can make an ESPN account or go through Facebook) to join.

2. Fill out your bracket(s). As with previous years, we want to invite all to participate in the Challenge and college basketball expertise is not required! Come up with a creative name for your bracket and have fun! If you just want to play for fun, just fill out your brackets (up to four) and that’s it! But if you want to compete for prizes, keep reading:

3. Register your competing brackets. Go to our website, and donate via the online link you see on the “Support Us” page. We are asking $5 per competing bracket. You are allowed up to four brackets in this group.

***Note: You can make four brackets, but if you give $10 for example, only your top two brackets will be considered for the competition (make sure your bracket is titled in such a way that we know whose it is!). If you donate $20+, all four of your brackets will be entered to win.

4. Cheer on your bracket. The prizes are as follows: – 1st Place: 35% of entry donations – 2nd Place: 20% of entry donations – 3rd Place: 10% of entry donations

The remaining donations will go to the CMBAA to help us keep helping you. The donations will be used to help pay our administrative fees for being an official University of Virginia Alumni Interest Group ($1000 per year) and to fund fun alumni networking events such as Reunions, Watch Parties, Bar Crawls, and many others to come. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We’d love to hear from you!

There is more information about the challenge on the ESPN page and our Facebook page, and as always, feel free to email comments/questions to Lauren Breeden (

Go Hoos!
CMBAA Board of Directors

Updated: March 18, 2019