Should I vote Democratic or Republican to support Asians? I don’t feel either party supports Asian views.


Dear Anonymous

AAPAAN is non political so I will not respond with a specific position on Democratic, Republican or any other political parties.  If no party matches your view on Asian American policies, you should balance that versus their positions on other issues.  However that turns out, you should vote.  In our democracy, the citizen has the right and the responsibility to vote. 

I am amazed that in Presidential election years, the voter participation had only been around 50-60%.  About half the people sat at home!  In the last (2014) Mid-term election, the voter participation was a mere 36%.  That was 2 of every 3 people not bothering!  As we learned in recent elections, many counts were very close.  Last November, a Virginia State Delegate election in Newport News ended in a tie with the tie eventually broken by a coin flip.  That result caused the House of Delegate to remain Republican.  

Every vote in fact counted.  With partial participation, EVERY VOTE WAS THE MARGINAL VOTE.  So please go and vote in the upcoming November and every election afterwards.  Don’t forget the local and state elections.  They are just as important as the national elections.  Have a say in how local government (including school board) affects your life.

I appreciate your frustration if you feel that neither party supports Asian American views.  If you feel strongly about it, I suggest you make your views known to your representatives.  It is easy to convey your thoughts to them.  You can call their office or send them messages via their web sites.

For Congress-persons check out

For Senators check out

You should be able to find similar sites for State and County representatives.

You need to look at your issues priorities and decide which party is a better match.  It’s unlikely you will have a complete match.  Then try to influence your representatives and party to come around to your point of view where you differ.  While I am concern about Asian American issues, there are plenty of other issues high on my list.  The bottom line is that to get views changed you need to be a full participatory citizen.  Make your views known personally or support Issues Groups that do.  You can support Issues Groups actively or passively (e.g. donate money).  You should be able to find Asian American Issues Groups that match your interest in the Internet.   I suggest beginning a search with “Asian American Political Interest Groups” and “Asian American Advocacy Groups.” 

If you do not participate, others that do will shape government for you.  There’s a saying that “you get the government you deserve.”   So if you don’t participate, you cannot complain.