The Eli Banana Fund’s Mission:

Giving back to the great University that has put up with us since 1878; celebrating the history and fostering the continued vibrancy of Eli Banana among alumni and student members; and reaffirming to the University community at large that Eli Bananas are among the most active and supportive members of the University of Virginia family.

Eli Banana Fund Board Members:

Historic Eli BananaDavid C. Wright ’78

S. Hayes Smith ’93
Vice Chairman & Secretary 

Arthur C. Best ’75

Bob Green ’69
Old Green Banana 

Jon Cole ’74
Old Yellow Banana 

Culver Stedman ’20
Grand Banana

H. Dill Battle, III ’89
Beverly R. Carter, IV ’89
C. Taylor Cole, Jr. ’91
Charles C. D’Agostino, Jr. ’92
Herbert E. Fitzgerald, III ’77
Craig B. Jones ’77
Parker LeCorgne ’76
Dave J. Ogens ’75
Scott Sinclair ’91
Rick L. Ramsey ’76
William D. Walker ’75

Recent Gifts given to the University of Virginia by The Eli Banana Fund:

2004: $100,000 in support of Preservation of Jefferson’s Historic Lawn Buildings

2006: $100,000 in support of the South Lawn Project

2016: $600,000 in support of the Rotunda Restoration

For information regarding support of The Eli Banana Fund, contact Travis Robertson, Alumni Hall.

All donations are tax deductible and count towards overall UVA. donor support levels.