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Fraternity Alumni Council
at the University of Virginia

About the FAC

The Fraternity Alumni Council (FAC) has existed in various forms over the years, the current form of which was created in 1999. The FAC represents alumni of fraternities at the University of Virginia as recognized by the IFC and works to keep them informed on common issues so that action can be coordinated and communications maximized.

The FAC works to accomplish the following goals:

1. To foster responsibility and accountability by the students, by the fraternities, and by the IFC for the condition of fraternities and the comportment of fraternity members.

2. To facilitate and encourage The University and the Community to support and aid in the improvement of fraternities and fraternity houses.

3. To strengthen the fraternity system at The University by encouraging alumni to participate in the affairs of their fraternities and to provide continuity in the management of fraternities.

4. To vigorously pursue opportunities with The University, alumni, students, local officials and the community to enhance the position of fraternities.

5. To confer with the Inter-Fraternity Council and other organizations on matters affecting fraternities.

6. To maintain relationships with the IFC, Board of Visitors, the Administration of the University, the faculty, the Alumni Association and the Charlottesville community and government that will facilitate the exchange of ideas related to fraternity matters.

7. To consider the common interests of fraternities and sororities at The University and to discuss with representatives of sororities potential benefits of combined or coordinated alumni/alumnae efforts.

Meeting annually, the FAC solicits input from all dues-paying fraternity members on a wide variety of challenges and opportunities facing fraternities at UVA. The most important emphasis is on alumni support (whether it be regarding financial support, advising, and/or hands-on interaction) of the active chapters.

The FAC Executive Board is made up of alumni members from different fraternities who serve three-year terms and meet at least quarterly. Each Executive Board member represents a specific fraternity. Heavy emphasis is placed on communicating effectively with the IFC, Alumni Hall, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, and the UVA administration so that everyone is well informed and efforts for mutual success are well orchestrated. All are invited to attend the periodic FAC Executive Board meetings at Alumni Hall.