Part of our mission is to also spread revelry and conviviality around the Grounds. We try to do so with many celebratory events we host and pranks we pull throughout the year.

Poster Prank



Poster Campaign Prank

Thanks to the remarkable design skills and droll witticisms of Charles Zhao and Chris Hutson, these past few years have been full of hundreds of posters around Grounds purportedly “from the Z Society.” Zhao’s posters would refer to something negative happening in the community—8 AM classes, construction, bad dining hall food, cars being towed, etc.—with the bottom reading “Brought to you by the Z Society.” In addition to those, Queen Hutson’s posters encouraged students to “get involved” with the Z Society by catching the z’s (punny). Students seem to get a good laugh from seeing what this mystical group was offering and doing at the University.


Public Tappings

Our public tappings usually happen a few times a year, spread through fall, winter and spring. For each, we take to the streets with our pitchforks and horns, to welcome in our newest members. Hundreds of students join the march as we progress throughout the evening. These marches have us arriving at houses on Wertland street, bars on the corner, and apartments on JPA. As we bring in each of our newest members, they each drink some from the sacred stein of tuna.


Champagne & Darts Event

A 2003 graduate of the University, Dave Magoon was King of the I.M.P. Society, a member of DKE, Phi Beta Kappa, a Lawn resident, a Jefferson Scholar, a University Guide, Honor Advisor, Distinguished Major in Political and Social Thought, and a member of the Raven Society. Dave was killed in an accident during his third year at Harvard Medical School. He was loved and respected by many during his time at the University. A resident of 47 West Lawn, Dave could often be found playing darts with these friends and fellow Lawnies. Each year, we host an event outside of his room on the West Lawn in his memory and to celebrate his life.

Dirty Joke Date Function

Every spring, we invite some of our closest friends to our Dirty Joke Date Function. This event is not only known for its conviviality, joviality, and overall good fun, but also for the tradition of each guest sharing a dirty joke throughout the course of the night.

Coronation Ball

In the spring, we crowned the new court at the north steps of the Rotunda. Each guest was assigned a date and given a land from which he or she was its ambassador. The invitation instructed them to dress in the proper garb from his or her land. After the new court was coronated, we marched over to the Kappa Sigma Fraternity house for the Coronation Ball. Besides from the occasional Z, all there enjoyed themselves as we celebrated the night away.IMp1

Our newest members from this past public tapping are Rosa Waters, Cam Smith, Collin Campbell, Jordan Lavender, and Sanjay Palat!

48 East Lawn Fixed

Past Queen Meg Raymond carefully “fixed” the Z painted near the fireplace in 48 East Lawn. The Z symbol now has its proper horns and pitchfork accompanying it.



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