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Changes in PKP Leadership

New Leadership

            This past year has been an eventful one for our chapter, and we have our officers to thank for the guiding us through everything. New officers assumed their positions in April with Aidan O’Connor, rising third year of the 2016 pledge class, taking over as president. He has performed admirably throughout the spring semester and into the summer.

            Winston Frick was elected as Aidan’s Vice President. Winston is a CS major who will spend his summer in Boston working for a start-up. Van Spina, who was recently accepted in the the McIntire School of Commerce, takes over as our treasurer. He has already been proactive in cutting costs to our procurement process as well as implementing a new program to help coordinate the chapter’s finances.

            Sam Howard will serve as the house manager. With loads of experience, he will be able to minimize the house’s depreciation through the projects he will lead and initiatives he will take. Clayton Turner will also be house manager where he will provide his organizational skills to help Sam before he goes abroad in the spring. Thomas Hungerford is the new Philanthropy chair. Having worked closely this past year with Daniel LaBarbera, Thomas has a great understanding of the goals that this chapter has with regards to philanthropy. He is very involved in multiple community service projects throughout the Charlottesville area, which the chapter will look to aid in. The chapter decided this year to implement co-Alumni Chairs. Daniel Fontenot’s great performance that past year, resulted in him being asked to repeat as an alumni chair. Eric Pawela has joined him, and together they will look to continue improving and expanding our alumni engagement. Nick Ehat and Nick Beirman will be taking over as the kitchen managers.

            Will Clarke was elected as our first rush chair. He will work with two more brothers who will be elected in the spring to bring in the best possible class next year. Hunter Wigginton has accepted to take a second term as our Risk Manager in order to build on the success that was had.

For each of the positions listed above, there will be a committee formed by a small group of our newly initiated brothers. It is our goal that serving on this committee will help groom committee members to take over the position the next year and with less transition required. It is also expected that ex-position holder will hold a spot on the committee in an advisory-focused role, but all brothers are welcome to join committees and share their insights. We believe that this structure will help us efficiently transfer power from one year to the next, and we are confident that these young men are going to serve the chapter well for the coming year.