Alumni Update

Bill Hamilton ʾ79, Phil Rankin ʾ74, John Armstrong ʾ75, Mickey McGlothlin ʾ74, and Susan McGlothlin are visited by the Cavalier during their tailgate prior to the Miami game.

Several brothers from the 1970’s reunited for a football tailgate before the Cavalier’s home game against Miami on October 29. Dick Spicer ʾ77 organized this event along with head chef Doug Young ʾ75. Other attendees included Drex Knight ʾ74, Mickey McGlothlin ʾ74, Phil Rankin ʾ74, John Armstrong ʾ75, and Bill Hamilton ʾ79.

The game was a closely-fought defeat (in four overtimes!), but Psi chapter is still undefeated at tailgate parties. One highlight of the tailgate was a visit from the new Cavalier on horseback, Assistant VP Julie Caruccio.