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Virginia Beta & Phi Society
at the University of Virginia

Alumni Profile: Huntley Montgomery ’01

Huntley Montgomery ’01

Few Phi Society alumni in recent memory have engaged in such a wide array of athletic and professional endeavors as Huntley Montgomery. From being ranked among the top 100 men’s doubles players in the world to helping start the Bay Area office of Clark Realty Capital, Huntley’s accomplishments have been impressive to say the least.

While at the University, Huntley was a key member of the Men’s Tennis team. Huntley played #2 singles and #1 doubles all four years that he was on the team. He was a three-time All-ACC selection and an All-American, winning 95 career singles matches and 110 career doubles matches, including a 1998 ACC Doubles Championship. Huntley was ranked #1 in the country for doubles and in the top 20 for singles his senior year. He was later named to the list of Top 50 All-Time Greatest ACC Tennis Players.

In addition to his on-court accolades, Huntley was an active brother during his time at UVA. “I was attracted to the house because it was such a cool mixture of people from all over. Whereas some houses could be “stereotyped”, the Phis were a diverse crew of good guys. Having moved around during my childhood, I think that I really appreciated that. I remember later telling guys that the thing I loved about the house was that the brothers were guys I loved to hangout with no matter what we were doing.” He roomed with fellow tennis player Tommy Croker in the outback during his third year.

After graduating, Huntley embarked on a successful pro tennis career. By virtue of his win at the National Amateur, Huntley qualified for the US Open Qualifiers. Later in his career, Huntley also made an appearance at Wimbledon. Huntley was ranked among the top 400 singles and top 100 doubles players in the world. He faced off against the likes of James Blake, Taylor Dent, Michael Chang, and even upset Dimitri Tursenov, who was ranked in the top 20 in the world.

Huntley looks back fondly on his time spent on the pro tour. “During the five years that I played pro, I got to travel the world. I probably learned a lot more from those experiences than from college. I was exposed to different cultures and got to see many great world cities.” Huntley met his wife on one such stop in New York City.

After retiring from professional tennis, Huntley came back to Charlottesville for his MBA at the Darden School. While at Darden, he was able to connect with pledge brothers Andy Mullins and Brendan Dignan who were also back in town getting their professional degrees. After graduating from Darden, Huntley took a position with Clark Realty Capital in Washington, DC, where he worked for four years. A year ago, Huntley was asked to start the Bay Area office of Clark, where he currently lives with his wife, Lindsay, and son, Campbell.

Huntley still counts his pledge brothers and other Phis among his best friends. “My pledge class was awesome. They’re still some of my best friends in the world. It is a group of guys who were a lot of fun to be around who have gone on to be very successful, but haven’t lost the qualities that make them so fun. So I definitely always enjoy getting together for golf, dinner, or drinks with them. If we could live out the movie “Old School” and form a fraternity now, I would still go with my pledge class, and I think that says something. Being a Phi was one of the biggest decisions I made at UVA, as it obviously had a huge impact on the people I surrounded myself with. Luckily, I don’t think I could have made a better decision.” His parents live one block from University Circle, and Huntley always makes an effort to stop by 1UC whenever he’s in town.