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Cudlip 2014 Report

April 24-26, 2014 marked another successful Cudlip weekend for the Phi Society actives and alumni and pre-2000 Phi Delt alumni. On Thursday evening we had the Founder’s Day dinner at the house where the new initiates were presented with their Phi ties, and the outgoing 4th years were given their rosettes. Additionally, we honored a few outstanding brothers for their achievements and contributions. Taylor Scott Parr was awarded the Maupin Pence award for his scholastic achievements, Richard Clyde Wesnofske was given the Joseph C. Tunner award due to his athletic prowess, and Henry Briggs Kittredge was presented with both the Record and the Virginia Beta Board of Trustees award for his overall outstanding contributions and dedication to the house during his four years. The next morning was the annual Phi Open, which in spite of scattered rain showers most the groups were able to finish their rounds.

On Friday evening the Virginia Beta Trustees and the House leadership and guests celebrated with the Jeffrey Rockwell Cudlip memorial dinner hosted by Trustee Scott Oswald ’90 and his wife Susan ’91. Also, Harry Marshall ’61, President of the Virginia Beta Board, bestowed on Jeffrey Hanna ’97 the Charles T. “Chick” Cudlip award, the Board’s annual alumni award that he earned for his role in organizing the house’s 140th anniversary festivities, and the general commitment and leadership he’s displayed as an alumnus.

Following the dinner an event took place at the house where Henry Peltz ‘16 was presented the Jeffrey Rockwell Cudlip award due to his leadership and the care for his class that he displayed during the pledging process where he served as his class’s pledge class President. The following day many returning alumni joined the actives at the Foxfield Races.

Overall it was a great weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s festivities. A special thanks goes out to Scott Oswald for all the time and effort he puts in to make sure this weekend happens every year, and an additional thanks goes to Harry Marshall for his continued work in making sure the house remains in good standing and that it continues to thrive year after year.


Yours in the Bond,

Kyle Padden ‘16

Alumni Chair