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Virginia Beta & Phi Society
at the University of Virginia

They Said It…Quotes from the 150th Anniversary

Phi 150th Anniversary WordCloud

Photo from 150th Gala with all brothers in attendance
Brothers in Attendance

“I just wanted to say that the team did a wonderful job of promoting and executing a great event to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Phi Delta Theta / Phi Society at the University of Virginia and the 60th anniversary of the house at #1 University Circle. I was proud and honored to be able to attend – the Phi house was an important and great coming of age experience for a kid from (the) small rural town (of) Smithfield, VA. I hope I’ll still be around when the next one comes around and will try to attend.”
– Vic Bell ’65

Current Alumni Chair, Noah Adams ’24, with the Presidents Plaque

“I’m in a crowd of 400 plus thanking you for reminding us of the importance of our brotherhood” – Ron Peele ’81

“Wow. That was a huge success. Well done. Good food. Great band. Old Friends. House looks great. Thank you.” – John McGavin ’79

“What a fantastic weekend!!! I have so enjoyed reconnecting with many brothers”
– Rick Mace ’85

Image of Brothers from the 1970s
Brothers from the 1970s

“Thanks again for bringing us together for an EPIC weekend. It was fantastic to be part of such a huge gathering of amazing people. Can’t wait for the 155th!” – Pat Moran ’95

“Kudos to the planning committee for a superb 150th. You have to be experiencing a euphoria of satisfaction on how things went.” – Boo Webb ’74

“The weekend was a stupendous success! Great time all around. ”- Jeff Davis ’90

“It was fantastic to see the house and brothers (old and young) on Friday night … the BBQ was great and I think the current brothers got the house in as good shape as possible… brought back a lot of good memories. Saturday evening was a blast as well. My wife and I loved getting to catch up with Phis and their significant others, as well as to hear the speeches and be reminded of some of the history/tradition of our brotherhood. The great weather and the hanging w/ Phis kept smiles on our faces the whole weekend.”
– Peter Itz ’08

Image of active Phi Society brothers
2023 Actives

“Heck of an event last night. I know a handful of folks around my class deprioritized this one based on their 146th experience and safe to say they are regretting that decision!”
– Kel Wilburn ’11

“Wow. Just wow. I am so thankful I made it. It was wonderful, just wonderful. What a very special group of men. If you didn’t make it, you missed something special. Reach out to a brother who did and reminisce. It’ll do you good. I wanted to get this note out while still in the afterglow. Thanks for being a major part of four of the best years of my life and brotherhood.” – Glenn Camp ’78

Image of Phi Society cocktail glasses
Phi Society 150th Anniversary Cocktail Glasses

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A fantastic reunion enjoyed by all. My brother Bob (Arberg ’70) and I were happy to see so many other Phis in person. What a weekend to remember. I enjoyed a beverage in my beautiful Phi glass last night.”
– Chuck Arberg ’77

“What a wonderful and memorable event, a really warm and fun reunion. Please know how deeply grateful I am to everyone who played a part in the event. Thank you”
– Lyle Deitch ’94

Image of house band, Spoonfed, performing.