December 2017 Brother Updates


Jake Rhodes (SPC 17), Jack Trismen (SPC 17), Ian O’Donnell (SPC 17), Trey McKula (SPC 16), and Chris Blankingship (SPC 15). All participated in the Eastern U.S. Club Water Polo Championships in Annapolis, Maryland, where they placed sixth.



Chris Olson (SPC 16) was selected by the Navy ROTC to be a Navy Pilot, and will attend flight school in Pensacola, Florida, for two years upon his graduation this spring.





Henry Buyas (SPC 15), went on a three-day canoe adventure with local Guatemalan guides, eating the fish they caught for food every night. He also climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa with his orthodontist Pamela Reginbald. He rounded out his summer by recording a three song EP titled “Mt. Boost” for a songwriting competition in Richmond, for which he took home second place.

Bruce Kay (SPC 15) and Will Ashe (SPC 15), both are working on a project building a satellite with NASA funding that is to be launched in Spring 2019 to the International Space Station.

Christopher Blankingship (SPC 15), coached the Holmes Run Acres NVSL swim team this summer, which finished 2-3 for the season in division 14 meets, with a tie for second place in the division 14 relay carnival. They had gone three seasons 0-5 until this past summer. Two of his swimmers finished with top five spots in NVSL all stars.