The University Guide Service Alumni Association works to connect and engage the alumni of the University Guide Service at the University of Virginia.

To view the 2014 University Guide Service status report, presented by the current Guide Service, please click here.

Current Board Members

Rodney Jones ’09, ’10

Rodney JonesFalls Church, Virginia

Canaras Probie

Abebe Kebede ’12

Abebe KebedeWashington, DC
Vice Chair

Kist Probie

Meghan (Blaszak) Oliver ’00

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Communications  Co-Chair

Saviola (“Savvy”) Probie

Alex Halbritter ’14

Washington, DC
Communications  Co-Chair

Brennan Lowery ’09

Newport News, VA
Development Chair

Li Probie

Leah Friedman ’99

Leah FriedmanRaleigh, North Carolina
Active Guide Liaision

Dade Probie

Emily Newhouse Dillingham ’01

Chicago, IL


Karishma Kadian ’00

Deborah Pearce ’78

Rochester, NY

Caroline Altman Smith ’02

Caroline SmithRoyal Oak, Michigan
Dowell Probie

Christopher Smith ’01

Chris SmithRoyal Oak, Michigan

Saviola Probie