The Virginia Women’s Chorus extends our most sincere appreciation to our generous donors:

Platinum Circle ($5000 & above)

Mr. David Peyton, ’74

Gold Circle ($1000 & above)

Ms. Claudia J. Fletcher

Silver Circle ($500 & above)

Sarah B. Mouzon

Founder’s Society ($250 & above)

Wendy Feuer and Bill Stanley
Mr. Kevin O. Thompson

Benefactors ($100 & above)

Susan and Michael Bangs
Ms. Jessica L. Bashkoff
Mrs. Christina Van Dusen Butler
Susan and Christopher Conniff
Ms. Nicole Lee Cunningham
Daniel Duncan
Louise and Daniel Duncan
Ms. Julia M. Fleming
Mrs. Susan Q. Goode
Mr. David S. Greber
Mrs. Laura Fimiani Harders
Meredith and Nathan Harper
Mrs. Elizabeth Kelch
Mrs. Marye Dorsey Kellerman
Colin and Tammy Kelly
Mr. John L. Laskey
Ms. Tulip M. Majumdar
Betty and James McGowan
Katherine Mitchell
Ms. Marissa L. Mosk
Brewster and Anne Rawls
Alton Lee Taylor, EdH
Cindee Travis
Vonnie Vitense

Supporters ($50 & above)

Elizabeth and Daniel Bechard
Gail Griffith and Gary Begeman
Mrs. Taylor Felts Billingsley
Ms. Chelsea A. Churchill
Jennifer and Andrew Csontos
Dr. James R. Dudley
Mona Gillis Edwards
Joan and Joseph Gartin
Ms. Katherine A. Gillespie
Dr. and Mrs. Heacock
Mrs. Susan D. Hadge
Mrs. Jill Duncan Hurd
Ms. Tracy Lee Kellum
Ms. Jennifer R. Kirkland
Ms. Laura E. Lunde
Mrs. Kathryn P. Mann
Ms. Mary Ryan McCarthy
Mrs. Monika Voigt Meyer
Ms. Shannon Mallory Montague
Dr. Emily Shiver Moses
Dr. Christine Marie NAber
Betsy Perkins
The Rader Family
Mrs. Kathryn Wolf Sekere
Dorothy and Salvatore Serpe
Mrs. Rachel Marie Sutler
Megan Van Syckle
Elizabeth Trivisonno
Ms. Stephanie S. Wallace
Ms. Bridget B. Ward
Gayle Weitz
Mingsheng Xie and Xiaofen Zeng

Friends ($25 & above)

Ms. Alia N. Al-Haj
Ms. Rita Woltz Beale
Ms. Mary A. Bode
Mrs. Belinda Buescher
Ms. Hannah W. Church
Leah DiFolco
Ms. Robin B. Etheridge
Mrs. Sara Garrison
Paul Georgiadis
Stacey and Robert Gimbert
Gail and Peter Gnoffo
Mrs. Tuwenia Barnes Grebowsky
Mrs. Lori Richmond Greenlief
Mrs. Susan Victoria Hagen
Ms. Claire Hebeler Harrington
Mrs. Michelle Lee Harris
Anne Hawke
Francis and Deena Imbriglia
Mrs. Charlene D. Miott Jones
Mrs. Kathryn Andrews Kogut
Mr. Richard E. Kothmann
Laurie Kulikowsky
Donna Sue and Hans Kuppers
Mrs. Stacey Landry
Ms. Karen Lee
Anne and Albert Lindemann
Bill Lipes
Ms. Courtney G. MacDowell
Jennifer and Kurt Marshall
Mrs. Peggy Burkard McVicar and
Mr. Douglas John McVicar
Ms. Kelly McVicar
Mrs. Cynthia L. Messick
Russell W. Miller, JR.
Mrs. Marilyn T. Mutchler
Jungeun and Younghae Park
Ms. Heather Wynne Price
Ms. Jillian M. Price
Mrs. Karen Copley Ridenour and
Mr. Daniel W. Ridenour
Mrs. Donna J. Scott
Ms. Carol Dianne Taylor
Mrs. Donna L. Tinsley
Mrs. Sara Ramsey Trenery
Mrs. Mary Ellen Wadsworth

The Virginia Women’s Chorus depends upon donations from our generous supporters. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution, please visit our website or make checks payable to the U.Va. Fund, earmarked for Virginia Women’s Chorus.

We apologize for any mistakes in this list. Please contact Maya Sadagopal with any questions or concerns.

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