Executive Committee

Megan Winter2009Chairwoman
Clare Anderson2007Treasurer
Kyle Hayden2003Secretary
Laura Harders2003Chorus Liaison
Liz Lane1998Communications Chair
Kelly McVicar2010Reunion Chair
Katherine 'KaeRenae' Mitchell1976 / 1981Recruitment & Retention Chair
Irma Palmer2010Fundraising Chair

Members at Large

Jessica L. Bashkoff2009
Alexis Beauvais2003
Sarah Begeman2009
Katherine 'Katie' E. Brackett2007
Michelle Cho2006 / 2007
Courtney L. Costello2009
Elizabeth Grim2009
Amanda Laskey2014VWC President
Jennifer 'Jenni' B. Marshall2010
Shannon Montague2005
Chelsea Ortiz2015VWC Alumnae Relations Chair
Megan B. van Syckle2009
Claudia Fletcher1977
Caroline 'Carrie' S. Zill2006

Managing/Appointed Board

To view the managing/appointed board, please visit the following link: http://virginiawomenschorus.org/members/managing-board-appointed-board-2017/

Newsletter Archive

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