June 3, 2016

First of all I would like to thank all the brothers who have given time and money to restore 169 Rugby Road. This is the first note on the progress of the restoration project at the house. I will send additional updates over the course of the next three years as the project moves along and there are timely developments to report. This is the least we can do to keep initial (and future) donors informed about this major essential project they have so generously supported.

The restoration work will take place over the next 3 years when the house is not being occupied.

The current schedule is as follows:

Summer 2016

  • Replace the entire roof
  • Painting, masonry & window repairs on the outside of the house
  • Wood decks on rubber roofs (turrets) replaced
  • 2nd floor plaster repairs, painting, and floor refinishing
  • Open ceiling below shower area to repair pipes and water damage
  • Tile repairs to all bathrooms
  • Install new boiler
  • Install central air conditioning for all bedrooms

Winter Break 12-18-16 through 1-20-17

  • Continue plaster repairs

Summer 2017

  • Plaster repairs in all remaining rooms
  • Interior painting
  • Refinish wood floors
  • Chimney liners
  • WIFI

Summer 2018

  • Restore party room on main floor

The workmen put scaffolding up this week, the abatement team is removing the asbestos on the roof, the plasterers are making good progress on the 2nd floor, the roofers will start replacing the roof next week, and the tile contractor will start work on the bathrooms shortly.

We are very fortunate that Phil Speasmaker (’71) has volunteered his time and expertise to manage this project. Phil has his own company and has been in the construction and building contractor business in this region for 44 years. He is very highly regarded. Bob Paxton (VT ’79) is also volunteering his time to work with us to provide valuable ideas and architectural expertise, advice and drawings for our project. Bob began his career 34 years ago in Charlottesville and has an impressive, well deserved, regional and national reputation. Over the years his design work, historical restorations and projects have received awards and been widely recognized in numerous major publications.

I plan on including a picture file with these updates so you can follow progress “before, during and after.” The file linked at the bottom of this note shows mostly the “before” (no photo- shop) and provides some representative pictures of the terrible shape the house is in. The file includes:

  • Slide 1-8: exterior shots of the house and scaffolding going up
  • Slides 9-57: representative shots of the interior showing what horrible shape things are in (slide 49 looks like Thomas Jefferson’s crew wired this box)
  • Slides 58-65: shots showing some of the early plastering progress

There will be a walk-through of the house Saturday, June 11, at 11am for the reunion folks in town, and any others who would like to see things first hand. Phil and I, and some current brothers who are in town, will be there to welcome you, show you around and answer questions. It would be great to see you.

Please contact me anytime you have questions or I can be helpful.

Don Laing
434-296-1400 (o)
434-981-8755 (m)

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