Zeta Psi Restoration Update (3)

July 7, 2016


We’re half way through our extensive summer restoration project and facing a tight time line. The brothers that will be living in the house this fall will be returning to Charlottesville mid-August in time for classes that begin August 22nd.

Without seeing things first hand, it’s hard to describe, or overstate, the terrible condition the whole house was in before this restoration began. Hopefully the picture files with these updates provide some insight and perspective. I believe you will be impressed with the initial progress we have made in the first phase of the three year project when you have the opportunity to see the early results first hand in October.

The attached picture file illustrates some of the progress we’ve made during the 4th and 5th weeks of work.

Work Slides
Restoration material staging areas 1-6
Restoration services 7-8
Before restoration 9-11
Plastering preparation and work 12-33
Upstairs bathroom shower restoration & plastering 34-36
New plumbing for the upstairs shower 37
The roofing crew 38-40
Copper roofing and gutter installation
(an amazing craft and very hot in 90 degree weather)
Wall along stairs to basement under reconstruction 54
Reconstruction and new support for stairs to basement
(support structure had rotted and stairs had fallen 3 inches)
New top for basement bar 58-59
Exposed wall between bar and spook room 60-62
Typical example of the serious deterioration of the house 63
Downstairs bar and spook room 64-66
Dump and dump 67
“What’s going on here?”
(displaced resident in front yard)
What’s left of a window frame 69

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Please contact me anytime you have questions or if I can be helpful.

Don Laing
434-296-1400 (o)
434-981-8755 (m)