Zeta Psi Restoration Update (12)

June 13, 2018


Summer 2018 Work

Work on the third and final phase of the house restoration began shortly after the students left for the summer.

The primary focus of this last phase is the construction of a new terrace off the back of the house that includes:

  • Destruction and removal of the old existing multi-level concrete and wood terrace
  • Removal of 3 large trees that were within the footprint of the old terrace as well as the planned new terrace
  • Replacement and installation of a new sewer line that was buried under the old terrace
  • Burying the existing overhead power line from the power pole into the house
  • Leveling the ground under the old terrace and constructing the new terrace on one level – the old terrace had several levels
  • Adding an additional door from the new downstairs party room out to the new terrace
  • Constructing a new stairway down to the parking lot and dumpster
  • A new basketball hoop
  • Landscaping along the base of the new wall

This phase has not been without challenges we’ve faced dealing with the University on various issues and approvals over the last 12 months, coordinating the work the power company needed to do with required University approvals, and coordinating the timing of everything with busy construction and tree contractors. Phil has exercised great determination and diplomacy in pulling everything together. 

The attached photos document the early phases of the work outlined above. We believe we will have most, if not all, of this final phase completed by the time the students return in August. 

Don Laing
laingdon3@gmail.com (new email address)

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