Zeta Psi Restoration Second Final Report

November 2, 2018


We sent an email in October with the final report but we have finally received the picture file of the completed terrace and landscaping. To those who did not get to Charlottesville last weekend, please see photos below of the second final report. The terrace is already getting a lot of use – parties, bands, meals, skateboards, etc…

Thanks to all of you who have sent thoughtful notes over the course of the restoration the past three years. Phil has done the heavy lifting and the entire project could not have been completed without days and weeks of his constant expert supervision, recruiting/hiring exceptional trades and tradesmen, negotiations and coordination with the University, power and internet companies, and maintaining the highest standards for the extensive work that has been done the last 3 years, plenty of patience…and humor.

A big thanks once again for everyone who made all this possible!

Don Laing

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