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Asian and Asian Pacific American Alumni Network

Reminder: Submit Your 2023 AAPI Advancement Award Nominations

Reminder – AAPAAN wants your input!

Last year we launched the AAPI Advancement Award to honor current UVA faculty members who have made significant contributions towards greater understanding and appreciation of Asian culture or Asian-American relations. We were encouraged by the positive response of the AAPI community to the inaugural award, and we want to make sure this year’s event will be equally inclusive, where every AAPAAN member’s opinion counts. Once again, we are asking you to nominate, and then help select, the best candidate for this special honor. The winning faculty member will receive $5,000 to donate to their UVA department of choice!

Please use this online survey to nominate your candidate by this Friday, February 24! Once the survey results have been tallied, we will send a follow up link where you can vote!

We are planning to host this year’s award ceremony in Charlottesville on April 22, 2023. In addition to the presentation of the award, this year’s ceremony will be preceded by a short series of faculty TED talks.

We are super excited about this year’s celebration, and we really can’t do it without your support. Please help us make this event a success, both with your nomination and with your vote!

Submit Your Nomination