New Worthy Master Hits the Ground Running

Worthy Master Kevin Vincenti (’14)

When I met with my Executive Team for the first time, I could feel the electricity in the air…and it hasn’t left yet, not even for a second. My Executive Team and I had a goal to reconsider everything about the Delta Chapter, from our recruitment strategy to our meal plan. We discussed, debated, and contemplated. We came out of our Executive Summit with a concrete plan and attainable goals that would better the Delta Chapter and its Brothers.

This semester kicked off with Spring Rush. With 9 Brothers graduating this May, we knew we needed to bring in large numbers to make up for the departing Fourth Years, the lack of a fall pledge class, and 2012’s large graduating class. I can proudly say that every Brother stepped up, and we found ourselves with 16 strong pledges who are all very dedicated to the Delta Chapter. However, recruitment didn’t stop there. With the goal of growing the Chapter even larger, the Brothers have been building a “names list” that should lead to a robust pledge class next fall.

philLast year, I spearheaded the creation of our new philanthropic event, Taus For Paws. Benefiting the local SPCA, we pair up with the lovely women of Sigma Delta Tau to throw a bar night and a carnival in Mad Bowl, where we have a variety of attractions including a dunk tank and “puppy petting zoo.” Samuel Conners (’14) is the new Philanthropy Chair and has been hard at work on the event to ensure a second successful year. I am confident that we will be able to raise even more money for this worthy philanthropy this year.

Brian Levinstein (’14) has been the guiding hand in reviving our monthly Alumni Newsletter from the actives and restructuring our meal plan. After obtaining a new format for our newsletter from The Cavalier Daily, Brian was able to create a more aesthetically appealing and user-friendly format for future Alumni Chairs. Moreover, Brian found a sustainable meal plan for the Brotherhood that is both affordable and high-quality. This has resulted in bi-weekly dinners where the participating brothers sit down around a table and dine together like a true family.

Another of the Executive Team’s goals was to increase the public presence of the Chapter around Grounds. Several brothers have been integral in fulfilling this ambition. Kyle Sheppard (’15) and Samuel Conners have been encouraging the Brothers to participate in IM sports and various philanthropies around Grounds. Additionally, Miguel Silvestri (’14) and Andrew Cox (’14) revitalized the Public Relations Chair role by baking cookies for our sorority neighbors and sending letters on behalf of Delta Chapter to all the sororities on the anniversaries of their founding dates.

The Chapter had its first major brotherhood event this semester, which we hope will become an ongoing tradition. Brian Uosseph (’15) organized a paintball outing that was subsidized by the house budget. Those who participated enjoyed flanking and shooting each other all afternoon.

Finally, the Brothers of Delta continue to be involved around Grounds. We have wide representation in University organizations such as the Jefferson Literary & Debating Society, The Cavalier Daily, Rugby Team, and Glee Club.

I speak for the entire active Chapter when I say we all look forward to seeing a large group of alumni this fall at the reunion marking the 145th anniversary of Delta’s chartering. We’re can’t wait to show you in person what today’s Delta Chapter is all about!