Capital Campaign

ATΩ Capital Campaign Overview

In 2016, the Delta Chapter formally launched a renewed and expanded capital campaign to renovate and improve the Chapter House at 125 Chancellor Street. Our Chapter has come a long way since the 1994 refounding, and now is the time to plan for the next chapter in Delta’s history.

Our house at 125 Chancellor Street has proven to be an excellent location for the chapter: it’s located in the heart of the Greek community, has the shortest commute to Grounds of any fraternity at UVa, and is situated very close to local area amenities such as student housing and The Corner.  However, the existing house structure is nearly 120 years old, and was never intended for occupancy by a large group of men. Major, sometimes expensive repairs are often needed to keep the house in livable condition. A more sustainable solution is needed.

The capital campaign to renovate and improve the existing house is expected to take 5-7 years to complete, and will require broad support from across the entire Delta family. We are asking each alumnus to consider making a pledge to donate a certain amount annually and sustain that giving level over 5 years. For example, pledging to donate $100 per year for 5 years would equate to a $500 pledge. These pledges are important as they allow us to forecast how close we are to achieving our fundraising goals over the longer term. Pledge totals and donor names will be published periodically in the Delta Dispatch.

Additional information on the renovation and improvement plan is located below, along with information on how to donate. You can access the donation page on this website, or by clicking the link here. Together, we can secure ATΩ’s presence at UVa for future generations of students.


The Renovation and Improvement Plan

The house improvement plan is designed to reinforce the existing house structure and also expand the West side of the house by adding additional bedrooms and a new “Great Room” to serve as the main social space for the Chapter. Our construction estimates suggest that the contemplated renovation and improvement plan will cost between $400,000 and $1,200,000, depending on the scope.  The intention is to include both the Renovation and Improvement Phases, as detailed below:

Renovation Phase: Reinforce existing structure

  • Renovate first and second floors and attic to enhance structural integrity
  • Replace windows and some doors
  • Upgrade plumbing and electrical
  • Replace boiler
  • Add sprinkler system
  • Add central air conditioning
  • Total estimated cost: c. $400,000 – $540,000

Improvement Phase: Partially demolish, replace, and add on to the existing structure

  • Add a “Great Room” on the back side of the house, replacing the back bedroom, hallway, and yard
  • Relocate and expand kitchen
  • Demolition and expansion of upstairs bathroom
  • Demolition and expansion of three upstairs bedrooms
  • Repurpose Blue and Yellow rooms as dining room, lounge room, and / or recreational / game room
  • Repurpose attic as additional bedrooms or recreational / game room
  • Just maybe: remove outdoor aluminum siding and repoint / restore original brick façade
  • Total estimated cost: c. $500,000 – $700,000

We have engaged a local construction firm to review the scope of these projects and provide us with the estimates. We believe we can fund these improvements through a combination of alumni donations and a new mortgage for the house. The existing mortgage will be fully paid down in 2023, at which time we believe a new $500,000 mortgage could be obtained. As such, our goal is to raise $500,000 to $700,000 in alumni donations to pay for the balance of the work. As we have indicated before, this is well within our abilities to achieve.

Below are several initial renderings that reflect the house footprint as it stands currently and then after the Improvement Phase.


Below is a rendering of the proposed Great Room, which will be the most substantial improvement to the Chapter House.

Donations, Pledges, and Donor Recognition

As stated earlier, in addition to outright donations, we are in the process of collecting 5-year pledges from alumni who wish to participate long-term in this important initiative. We encourage all alumni to donate or pledge any amount they feel comfortable giving. Every little bit helps!

That being said, we’re offering out some pretty cool incentives to encourage more generous donations. Most notably, in addition to listing all annual donations in the Delta Dispatch, we want to recognize donors who are consistently generous over a 5-year timeline. We will be creating a special donor’s composite which will be installed over the fireplace in the new Great Room. This donor’s composite will feature a college photograph – most likely from a college composite – of every alumnus who donates at least $5,000 over 5 years ($83.33 per month). Taus from across all Delta generations will appear side by side in their university-era images. It’s going to look very cool, and will remain a permanent fixture in the most prominent room of house for years to come.

Additional incentives for donating are listed below. To make a pledge or for questions about the Capital Campaign, please contact John Sweeney, Finance Chair of the Board of Trustees. He can be reached by email at or by phone at 931-510-0023.


*For donations above a given threshold, all Recognition’s below that threshold apply, with one exception: recognition for Top Donor Society and Temple of Friendship Society are mutually exclusive.
**Note: As of November 2016, the Great Room has already been named in honor of the Class of 1968 following a donation by John and Nancy Rich.
***Group donations aggregating to these levels will also be considered for room naming rights on a case by case basis.

To ensure transparency and accountability throughout this Capital Campaign, a full reporting of donations and any use of funds will be provided annually in the Delta Dispatch.

Thank you for you continued support of ATΩ Delta.


The ATΩ Delta Board of Trustees

To make a donation, please visit:
To make a 5-year pledge, please contact: