Worthy Master’s Note

To the Delta Chapter Community,

My name is Alec Dougherty, and I could not be more excited serve as the Worthy Master of the Delta Chapter next year. I am incredibly proud of the progress my brothers and I have made over the past few years in improving our chapter, and I am looking forward to being part of our efforts in the future. Leading alongside me will be an executive board who I have immense confidence in based on the initiative each member has shown since becoming an active brother. With a great community of brothers by my side, I hope to make this year a great success for ATO at UVA.

After welcoming in 21 new members to our brotherhood last semester, we used our increased numbers to make a big impact on the Charlottesville and ATO communities in the Fall 2017 semester. We ran a week-long food drive early in November to benefit the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, and managed to provide an estimated 342 meals to the bank. Later in the month, we participated in Habitat for Humanity’s “Rake-a-thon” along with the Gamma Phi Beta sorority to benefit members of the Charlottesville community. In addition to philanthropy, we further connected with the Delta community at our annual alumni event on Bicentennial Weekend. We relished the chance to talk to past brothers about their unique experiences while they were active, as well the opportunity to talk to our alumni about the Capital Campaign for our house rebuilding project.

As we continue to grow as a brotherhood, I am very proud of our brothers for reaching beyond the bounds of our chapter to connect with the larger communities that continually support us. With Spring Rush right around the corner, I am confident that our efforts will come to fruition as we welcome the Alpha Omegas and continue to grow. I am honored to have been chosen to serve as Worthy Master during such an exciting time for the Delta Chapter at UVA.

Love and Respect,
Alec Dougherty ’19