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Delta Dispatch, Winter 2022 electronic


With the year-end giving season approaching, we wanted to update you on the redevelopment of 125 Chancellor Street and ask for your continued support as we approach the finish line. As many of you are already aware, construction is underway and we are on schedule for a March 2023 completion! The entire house frame is complete, every room is walkable, and we’re now focused on interior and exterior finishes. If you haven’t yet seen the construction photographs on our Chapter website, we strongly encourage you to take a look.

None of this would be happening were it not for the generosity and hard work of many Delta Chapter Brothers, Alumni, and Friends over these many years. Since 2016, we’ve received over $830,000 from 258 donors. Thank you to everyone who has given their time, money, and support!

Final Sprint

We are now approaching the finish line, and we need one last push from everyone. By June, our $1,400,000 construction loan will be fully drawn, and our cash reserves depleted, leaving us with a $155,000 funding gap for the final construction invoices. So that’s our final target for this Capital Campaign: $155,000 by June.

As we enter the year-end giving season, we hope you will remember the Delta Chapter. There are few charitable causes where your donation would be more immediately and directly impactful. This project is vital to the long-term success of our Chapter. If you valued your ATΩ experience and want other students to have the same opportunity, now is the time to show your support. If you’ve been a supporter of the Capital Campaign in the past – even if you’ve already fulfilled your original pledge – please consider donating again. If you haven’t yet donated to the Capital Campaign, we’d love for you to join the 258 others who have.

Donor Recognition

All donors will be listed in the Summer Delta Dispatch. The donation tiers start at $75 and go up to $125, $250, $500, $1000, and $2500. We encourage you to pick a level that’s right for you.

Anyone who donates at least $5,000 over five years (what we call the “5-in-5 pledge”) will have their college ATΩ portrait on the Rebuilders’ Society Composite. There are currently 74 donors on track, and having so many Brothers from across the decades on one composite is going to look incredible. It’s not too late for you to be included! If you make a $5,000 pledge and start funding it now – perhaps through monthly recurring donations of $83.34 – that’s enough to get your picture on the wall.

We also still have room naming rights available for sponsorship! There are four remaining bedroom sponsorships for $20,000 each. Several common spaces are also available for $15,000 or more. For a floor plan or list of available rooms for sponsorship, please contact John Sweeney at

To set up a one-time or recurring donation online, please visit the ATΩ Delta donation page. To donate by check, make the check out to ATΩ Capital Fund and address it to:

UVA Fund
c/o Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity
P.O. Box 400314
Charlottesville, VA 22904

Finally, thank you to everyone who made this moment possible. Success was never a foregone conclusion, but everyone’s steadfast support, generosity, and hard work through the years has finally made the dream a reality. Happy Holidays, and we look forward to seeing you in 2023 as we begin the next chapter in ATΩ Delta’s 155-year history.


The ATΩ Delta Board of Trustees

Thank you to everyone who attended our All-Years Reunion in October! The Chapter-wide dinner at Alumni Hall saw some moving testimonials from many of our distinguished Alumni, including a tribute to John Rich by Wayne Lalle and a presentation on Drewary Brown by David White and Vito Cetta. Later we toured the new house under construction, followed by a band party featuring The Gladstones at Knight’s Gambit Vineyard. We had an excellent turnout from across all generations of Taus!

With the house scheduled for completion in March 2023, we are planning to hold a Grand Opening Celebration during Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-28. Mark your calendars, and please keep an eye out for further details in the New Year.

Like you, the shootings in Charlottesville horrified and sickened us. We always think of Charlottesville as a special place insulated from the rest of the world, but too often we are reminded that the opposite is true. Times like these remind us of the power of community. Communities engender solidarity, compassion, and collective effort. Those forces can help us cope with what happened, heal from it, and even prevent harm in the future. We’re constantly consoling others and being consoled, from instances of forgettable disappointment to life-changing traumas.

For many of us, the Delta Chapter was that community where we built strong friendships. These connections — many of which continue on decades later – were rocks for us to stand on amid the torrents of the real world, from a trivial decision to study (or not) to weighing relationship decisions and career moves. The fraternity supports us through all of it.

As a Board member, a parent, or alumnus, we want the next generation to be better off than we were. We on the BOT volunteer our time. And many more alumni volunteer their financial capacity. We all do this because we want to ensure that the fraternity continues to be physically and financially sound so the next generation of students can enjoy the same vibrant community we did and build similarly lasting bonds.

As we look to the Delta Chapter’s future, we must remember the community, brotherhood, and friendships forged within it. Our fraternity can help students grow into good men who are true to themselves, their family, and wider community at large. We hope you will join us in continuing to support this Chapter and its important mission in the years ahead.


The Board of Trustees