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Women and the CD

It’s no secret that hundreds of women have shaped The Cavalier Daily throughout its 127-year history. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. The University did not co-educate until 1970. And some male students were skeptical when the first women enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences (see below). Still, the CD quickly became a […]

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Pledge to Support The Cavalier Daily

The Cavalier Daily’s financial situation has reached a critical point, and its survival may depend on your support. We write to explain the situation and to ask that you do all you can, as soon as you can, to help. Pledge $100 for student journalism As advertising revenues declined over the past several years, the […]

Request for Help

Meet the Financial Oversight Committee

The Cavalier Daily Alumni Association’s board of directors recently selected eight individuals for membership on the new financial oversight committee, which will assist The Cavalier Daily. The members of the committee are: Ken Bronfin (Engr. ’81; staffer) is senior managing director of Heart Ventures, a division within the Hearst Corporation that “makes strategic investments in companies […]

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Emergency Funding for CD Approved

Earlier tonight, the Cavalier Daily Alumni Association board voted unanimously to provide $15,000 in emergency aid to The Cavalier Daily to help stabilize newspaper’s precarious financial situation. “We are all very lucky to have had the benefit of The Cavalier Daily during our time on Grounds,” says Thomas Madrecki, CDAA president. “Whether you graduated three decades ago […]

CDAA Votes

CD Funding Request for Review

The managing board of The Cavalier Daily recently reported to the Cavalier Daily Alumni Association that the newspaper is in critical financial condition. The paper’s student leadership reports that they will be unable to pay their bills by the end of the summer without immediate financial support. As a result, the managing board has requested […]

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