Beta Notes May 2022

The spring semester has been an eventful one for 161 Rugby Rd – we have welcomed 30 new members into the house, hosted a “Spring Quad Party” which raised over $6,000 (all of which went to the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation to promote mental health awareness), and are hosting a philanthropy event to raise money for Operation Smile.

The brotherhood would like to share some of our renovations we have made to help make our house even better: we have added a new sitting area to our sun deck, have made several additions to our professionally cleaned rock garden, including a man-made fire pit, projector screen, and a table to eat at. In addition, we have built and painted a DJ booth, constructed a new bar, and installed additions to our current party lighting system to further the decor of the house.

While these renovations to the house have made 161 Rugby Rd even more of a gathering location, we still have many projects in the works. The brothers are in the process of planning a deck addition to the side of the house to allow for a more functional outdoor setting as opposed to simply the rock garden. Additionally, we are making the portico a more functional gathering place by reinforcing its structural integrity.

Matt Haber ’24
Vice President

Photos of the Chi Phi deck