IDEA Fund Statement – America’s Unfinished Business

June 9, 2020

Daddy changed the world.

These four words spoken by George Floyd’s six-year-old daughter ring painfully, yet triumphantly true, for the worldwide protests surrounding her father’s death are resounding evidence that George Floyd will not become just another of the countless Black and Brown Americans whose lives have been cut short by systemic racism and its deadly effects. White supremacy, police brutality, and many other forms of physically and psychologically violent attacks on Black and Brown lives are tragic parts of a 400-year epoch in our nation’s history. Read full statement from the IDEA Fund.

As Trustees, we provide action-oriented leadership in support of the University of Virginia’s aim to be accessible, equitable, diverse and inclusive.

The University of Virginia IDEA Fund will be the most influential vehicle for alumni passionate about inclusion, diversity, equity and access to ensure that these values permeate the University community, culture and climate

“Diversity and inclusion are among the highest responsibilities for institutions of higher education and, in particular, UVA. Diversity is a source of strength. It’s a source of vibrancy. And it’s part of an obligation to be open to all, and to welcome all. It’s not simply enough to assemble a diverse group of students or faculty. It’s important to take the next step and make sure all feel included. That’s an incredibly important mission, and one that is ever-evolving.”  — President James Ryan, September 15, 2017



“I see a community that is as vibrant as it is diverse, a community bound by shared values of student self – governance and responsibility, honor and integrity, openness and civility, intellectual rigor and human compassion, and a community willing to build bridges across apparent lines of difference so that we can learn from each other and fully realize the power of gathering and cultivating such a diverse community. A community that is not simply inclusive and equitable, but also integrated.” – President James Ryan

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