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Mini Grants

The Mini Grants program provides small grants of $250-$500 to student organizations to assist them in activities that reflect the values of the IDEA Fund.  These grants support not just diverse organizations, but projects, activities, and ideas that promote inclusion, diversity, equity, and access. To learn more about the previous work that has been done, please visit our past winners page.

Mini Grants are offered in the fall and spring and the application can be found online or below.

We encourage applicants to keep in mind some general criteria:

  • The Mini-Grant should not be the entire budget of the event. We want to assist, not fund entire activities.
  • If the funding request is tied to a defined item, it strengthens the request.
  • The Mini Grant should be for an item that is a key part of the event, not something like pizza for the volunteers.
  • The event should have active diversity or inclusion purpose or focus. Just because the requesting organization is diverse, it will not be funded for any random activity.

HooRaas Dance Team, 2017 Mini Grant Awardee

We cannot express enough gratitude for your sponsorship, and congratulate you as well on making UVA history. With your continued support, this event can become a new tradition here at UVa. For many of us, this powwow was, as dancer Galí Sanchez said to us, “the best medicine possible.”


The Native American Student Union at UVA, 2015, on the First Annual UVA Powwow, supported by a Mini Grant.