Chapter Update, May 2022

Group Photo from Foxfield 2022
Foxfield 2022 – Front: David Winters ʼ22, Kieran Lynch ʼ24, Chris Marotta ʼ24 Rear: Pierson Shamaiengar ʼ23, Joseph Fisher ʼ23, Param Damle ʼ24, Grant Matteo ʼ23, Alex Shen ʼ23

We are happy to report that the chapter had a successful recruitment year. As we reported in our last update, the chapter recruited four new members during upperclassman rush in the fall. They built on this success in the spring with the recruitment of five additional new members.

Please welcome the following new members of Psi Chapter:

  • August Bresnaider, Merrick, NY, Computer Science & Computer Engineering, 2025
  • Matthew Hattrup, Arlington, VA, Computer Science, 2023
  • Chase Hildebrand, Arlington, VA, Computer Science, 2024
  • Bryce Holland, Pougkeepsie, NY, American Government and Education, 2025
  • Elliot Lowden, Arlington, VA, Applied Statistics, 2024

The brothers had a fun spring semester. They hosted a Pong tournament, went to an escape room, and joined several alums for Foxfield. Eight brothers also went to Panama City, Florida for spring break together. The brothers are looking forward to a return to normal activities in the fall after two years coping with the pandemic. With fourteen active brothers returning for the new year, they are also eager to build on this year’s recruitment success in a less restricted environment.