Update on the Annual Campaign

Joseph Fisher ʾ23 and Hugo Stevenson ʾ24 playing chess on the Rotunda steps

Last summer, we kicked off our 2022-2023 annual campaign with a target of $30,000. This target was based on the following goals:

  • Replace the floor in the old kitchen
  • Make repairs and improvements to additional bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Repair or replace dead outlets in common areas
  • Replace the porch gutters and the main downspout from the roof
  • Continue our communications contract with the Alumni Association
  • Continue building a strategic reserve

As we enter the spring semester, we have received pledges for over $13,000 from 25 brothers across six decades. Thank you to everyone who has pledged so far:

    • Wilson Black ʾ61
    • Nick Suhr ʾ64
    • Bill Hamilton ʾ79
    • Norman Thomas ʾ78
    • Greg Deaver ʾ78
    • Paul Ikeda ʾ81
    • Bob Light ʾ83
    • Tom Howder ʾ85
    • John Fiege ʾ90
    • Chandler Williams ʾ91
    • Ken Haines ʾ92
    • Ed Buckler ʾ92
    • Gary Chenkin ʾ93
    • Probal Hasan ʾ93
    • Wayne Nelson ʾ93
    • John Gressang ʾ94
    • Andrew Troth ʾ94
    • Haskell Brown ʾ95
    • Steve Ricks ʾ94
    • Jason Redisch ʾ96
    • Roy Brown ʾ96
    • Jonathan Leech ʾ96
    • Quentin Bearse ʾ01
    • Sean Kumar ʾ01
    • David Thomas ʾ21

These donations allowed us to renew our contract with the Alumni Association and to make substantial progress on planned repairs and improvements to the house. While we have made progress towards our goal for the annual campaign, we still need help to reach our target. If you haven’t contributed yet, please consider donating now to help make this year’s campaign a success.

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