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Virginia Beta & Phi Society
at the University of Virginia

Annual Report By Virginia Beta Board 2017

On behalf of the Virginia Beta Board, I am pleased to report that the fraternity remains in outstanding shape with an active membership of some 50 undergraduates and the premises at One University Circle are in good condition.

Claim by National
As reported in an earlier email, recently the national through counsel protested that using the term “pre-2000 Phi Delta Theta” on the fraternity and alumni website constituted a representation of succession of Phi Society to the pre-2000 Phi Delt house. The Phi Society has long carefully avoided any such representation, and is in fact devoid of any such claim; nor would any such affirmation be desirable in any event. The Virginia Beta Board Executive Committee was prepared to challenge this baseless assertion. However, upon its legal counsel’s advice, the Alumni Association, which maintains the website, preferred to avoid any legal challenge to the Phi Society’s position on this matter. Given that we have a long and productive relationship with the Alumni Association, we had no objection to them taking away any reference to “Phil Delta Theta” or “Phi Delt” on the website. The Phi Society website continues to be maintained and Phi Delta Theta and Phi Society alumni can access it as before.

Finances and Donation Giving
As always, the House is operating on a sound financial footing with an annual budget of some $238,750 funded by rent, dues, and meal plan revenues. Some $90,000 in funds from alumni contribution and other sources remain invested in Funds under the auspices of the UVA Fund at Alumni Hall or as cash on hand for capital expenses. Since January 1, 2016, $50,067 have been received in gifts from Virginia Beta alumni, parents, and friends. The mortgage is presently $212,000.

House Leadership
The Board remains most impressed with the quality of the leadership at the House. Exec in 2017 under the Presidency of Dillon Wild ’18, has navigated an exemplary year at the University. New officers, (see page five) will take office in January 2018 under the leadership of a legacy Phi: Campbell Edwards ’19, President, son of David Edwards ’90. Another legacy, Nick Grossman ’20, son of Matt Grossman ’91, will serve as Alumni Chair.

Meal Plan
In the 1990s, virtually all UVA fraternities replaced cooks with catering services. In recent years at Phi Society and other houses, participation in House lunches and dinners declined. The VAB Executive Committee has worked successfully with the undergraduate Exec to revitalize the Meal Plan program at the House. Currently, all but a few actives are on the meal plan. The Kitchen Manager sees to the determination of desirable menus, works closely with the caterer, and maintains the kitchen in safe and sanitary condition.

Dining Room Restoration
For a number of years the Board has considered restoring the original dining room at One University Circle, which was converted into two bedrooms during the 1988 renovation. With the positive development in participation in the meal plan and support from the actives, the VAB Board will begin planning for such possible restoration with work commencing in summer 2018 or 2019. It is anticipated that the project will be funded by existing reserves as well as alumni contributions.

Facility Management
One University Circle continues to be well managed by Piedmont Facilities Management (PFM), a well-regarded real estate management firm in Charlottesville. The VAB Board has been very pleased with the work of PFM, which throughout this year has undertaken routine and major maintenance and repair. New furniture has been purchased for the Chapter and Virginia rooms most of which has been in the House for some 15 years or more. In addition, the House Manager performs a number of tasks. Anyone interested in funding the purchase of a piece of furniture, please contact Todd Cosgrove at

The House, under the direction of outgoing Vice President Nathan England, is gearing up for a major rush effort. Informal coordination is already underway, and formal rush will commence with the beginning of the spring semester in early January 2018. Any alumni recommendations are important and should be provided per instructions in the box on page five.

2018 Spring Events
This spring, the House will again sponsor a Parents Formal dinner dance which will be held at the Boar’s Head Inn in April 6. The annual Founders Day and Cudlip events will take place at the House April 26-27, 2018. Foxfield Races are April 28.

145th Anniversary
The 145th will occur in fall 2018 on the weekend of a home football game.

Please feel free to contact me or other members of the Board (see page six) whenever you have any questions about the Fraternity. Many thanks for your support of the House.

Yours in the Bond,

Harry R. Marshall, Jr. ’61
President, Virginia Beta