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Virginia Beta & Phi Society
at the University of Virginia

Message to Parents Fall 2017

Your son is a member of a UVA fraternity with a rich heritage going back to its founding in Lawn rooms in 1873. As you may know, all the alumni of Phi Society are members of the fraternity’s alumni organization, Virginia Beta Incorporated, which, through its Board of Trustees, provides advice and support to the undergraduate members of the fraternity. Virginia Beta is the general partner of the limited partnership which owns the fraternity’s home at One University Circle and oversees the maintenance of the facility. Last year, the Board was pleased to underwrite some of the cost of the Phi Parents Formal and will do so next spring for the event on April 6, as well. Parent involvement in the life of Phi Society is important.

Just as generations of undergraduates have joined the fraternity, generations of its alumni have served on the Virginia Beta Board. It is a well-established fact that the university alumni involvement in the fraternities is an important element in maintaining the fraternity in good standing within the university community.
Every year we ask the alumni to contribute to either the Phi House Fund or the Phi Educational Endowment Fund. The former is used for attending to annual maintenance and capital repairs of the house at One University Circle and the latter is used to provide Phi educational assistance. Both Funds are maintained through the University of Virginia Fund and, accordingly, such gifts are also considered contributions to the University.

You can donate through the website or by check made out to the UVA Fund, allocated to either the Phi House Fund or Phi Educational Endowment Fund and mailed to:
UVA Fund
c/o Phi Society
P.O. Box 400314 Charlottesville, VA 22904

Please feel free to contact me whenever you have any question about the fraternity. Many thanks for your support of Phi Society.


Harry R. Marshall, Jr., ’61
President, Virginia Beta Incorporated