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Letter From the President

Dear Fellow Phis,

Image of the Moran Family at the 150th Celebration
The Moran Family

I am Sam Moran, a second-year majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and the recently elected President of Phi Society. Since joining the fraternity, I have continuously been struck by the sense of belonging we share. Nowhere else do academics, leisure, and antics mix so naturally than at One University Circle, and it is my hope to contribute to the house’s continued success. In fact, my connection to the brotherhood is doubly meaningful because I am a legacy. Frankly, when my father (Pat Moran ’95) first brought me to the house during a UVA Gameday almost a decade ago, my only memory was that the bathroom needed to be cleaned. That having been accomplished (more or less), the active brotherhood has now been able to turn its attention to two main objectives for the coming year: to build upon our presence on Grounds and to nurture our relationship with Phi alumni.

While rushing as a first-year, the sincerity of this brotherhood was what stood out to me as compared to other houses. Friendship, sound learning, and moral rectitude still ring true, but it is our authenticity that makes Phi Society unique on Grounds. My goal now is to continue to foster this genuine brotherhood and highlight this ethos within the IFC and greater student body. We have already made progress by expanding last year’s informal fall rush, and have planned similar events for the duration of 2024, giving us a chance to get to know potential new members in a more thorough manner than during the frantic two-week rush period. Our strong brotherhood and growing diversity set the standard for a healthy fraternity, and our efforts now center on enhancing our reputation on Grounds.

We have benefited from the work of our Board of Trustees and the active brotherhood for their commitment to the 150th anniversary and hope that this is merely the beginning of revitalizing our relationship with our Phi alumni network. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the hundreds of alumni who attended or donated – it was remarkable to see decades of Phis come back home. My goal now is to make sure this wasn’t a one-of-a-kind event! To that end, we hope to host more outreach events, including hosting returning brothers during Reunions 2024 (June 1 and June 8 this year). The key component to a healthy alumni network is contact. On our end, we hope through this edition of the Phiner Times to introduce you to our newest pledge class and spotlight some exceptional academic, professional, and extracurricular achievements of the brotherhood. Similarly, we appreciate the chance to meet alumni through events such as the 150th anniversary, and hopefully, more frequent drop-in visits.

I am excited about the coming year as President of Phi Society, and look forward to making meaningful steps on Grounds and in alumni outreach. It is my hope that this publication serves as a reminder of our shared experiences and gives some insight into the continuing evolution of our shared legacy. I am proud and honored to serve this fraternity, and the experience is validated every day by our exceptional active brotherhood, Board of Trustees, and alumni.

Yours in the Bond,

Sam Moran ’26
2024 Phi Society President