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Julie Weed

julieCharlottesville, VA

Curry School of Education, 2000

Julie was born and raised on a farm in Central Virginia, and attended high school in Charlottesville. She attended college in New England and came out there, only to return to the closet when she attended UVA as a graduate student. She did not have any idea that there were resources for LGBTQ folks at UVA, though she did find some of her tribe in club sports. Since coming out of the closet for good, Julie been involved with many LGBTQ community projects in Charlottesville.  She led the organization of the successful Q-munity Fairs in 2006 and 2007, showcasing over 40 services and businesses that support the LGBTQ community.  In 2012, Julie helped to organize the Cville Pride Festival, which grew into the non-profit organization Cville Pride
Community Network. Julie is still very active in this organization.

Julie is a middle-school teacher who provides support at school to her queer and questioning students by being open and proud, and by being involved in anti-bullying initiatives. She is a certified Olweus trainer and Safe Space trainer and has been a leader in the anti-bullying education within her school for over 8 years. In 2010, Julie became a volunteer facilitator for ROSMY Blue Ridge, which is a support group in Charlottesville for LGBTQ youth, and was 2011-12’s volunteer of the year.  Julie lives near Charlottesville with her wife and daughter.