LGBTQ Studies

Fall 2015 course offerings include a new course in WGS, “LGBTQ History,” taught by Doug Meyer. The course focuses on 20th century history of LGBTQ activism, but will include formation of heterosexual and homosexual identities and historical constructions of sexual practices prior to the 1900s. From 20th c. the course will focus on the Homophile Movement, Gay Liberation, and ACT UP, among other activist movements. Although primary emphasis will be placed on historical activism, contemporary movements regarding LGBTQ-rights will be included.

Meyer also teaches a course in Queer Theory that introduces students to some key and controversial theoretical texts that make up the emerging field of queer theory. The approach of the course will be interdisciplinary, with an emphasis on literary and aesthetic criticisms that may shift according the instructor’s areas of expertise. The goal of the course is to develop critical practice by working through a variety of perspectives, not only across academic disciplines but also across cultures. Insofar as queer theory reads for the often unseen, or submerged, reality embedded in cultural texts, contexts, and literatures, we will engage conscious critical practice in the class: active reading and informed discussion.

Other courses offered this semester are:

  1. Intro to LGBTQ Studies (Andre Cavalcante)
  2. LGBTQ Communities: Race, Class & Gender (Doug Meyer)