Speakers Series Grant

Speaker Series Grant

QVA seeks to provide financial support for student groups attempting to bring LGBTQ+ leaders onto Grounds. These include leaders in politics, literature, film, art, history, and more. This fund will ensure that quickly getting reasonable funding isn’t a roadblock to providing students on Grounds, LGBTQ+ and otherwise, with an external perspective on these LGBTQ+ topics.

Current students and student groups can request funding for speakers.

Awarded funds will be disbursed as quickly and efficiently as possible to allow for flexible event planning. For questions about the grant application, or in cases of unexpected and urgent financial need, please email:


When completing this form, please be aware that requests are evaluated and awarded monthly and applicants will be notified of a decision two weeks after a monthly application review deadline has passed. The application review deadlines for the 2023-2024 school year are as follows: 10/28/23, 11/25/23, 1/27/24, 2/24/24, 3/23/24, 4/27/24.

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  • You can reach Alex at alexw@virginia.edu
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  • Demographic Data Collection

    QVA recognizes that even greater barriers stand in the way of people marginalized from within the LGBTQ+ community. The Board of Directors is committed to leveraging the programs, funds, and actions of QVA in ways that combat these barriers and work on behalf of equitable access to education and opportunities for student success. As part of our commitment, we seek demographic information from our scholarship applicants. This information is primarily used to help the Scholarship Committee evaluate QVA’s distribution of financial aid to marginalized people, including but not limited to people of color, gender diverse persons, and disabled persons.