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Kemper Goffigon ’41

I would be happy to hear from any SAE Brother who was of the 1936-1941 era (757-331-1504). My fraternity years at 1703 Grady Ave. were one of the highlights of my life.

Roger W. Hall ’41

Roger Hall, died on July 20, 2008 of congestive heart failure. He was an author — best known for his classic espionage memoir, “You’re Stepping on My Cloak and Dagger.” There were many tributes to him in major newspapers around the country, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and Boston Globe.

Elbert S. Jemison ’44

Capt. Elbert S. Jemison, Jr. Commanding Officer, 28th Recon Troop. W.W.II Europe. Recently retired from the Board of Directors of the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, and AAA (Ala. Motorist) at the age of 88. Not disabled but less active due to pulmonary COPD.

Swayne Latham Jr. ’48

Swayne got remarried August 2006 to Berkeley Bettendorf. Enjoyed a Latham family reunion with 45 other Lathams in Gulf Shores, Alabama July 2008. Included were several U.Va. Grads’ J. Davant Latham, I Davant Latham Jr., Swayne Latham II, Michael Manire, Nathan Manire Willard.

George James Richards ’50

George James Richards, of Bedminster, NJ, died peacefully at home on August 11, 2014. He was 86.

After college, George enlisted in the US Army and served in Korea, where he taught courses to both Koreans and Americans. After the army, George worked for IBM, Reynolds Metals, White Weld & Co, as well as Lippincott and Margulies, where as a vice-president he provided consulting services pertaining to marketing and design.  He enjoyed being with his family and Thanksgiving was always a special holiday.

His relative/grandson would be interested in hearing stories about his time at UVA and with SAE and if you have any feedback to give them my email and/or phone number (203 912 3411).

Bill Griffin ’52

Bill, currently the Lexus dealer in Greenwich, Connecticut is opening a new Lexus dealership in Mt. Kisco, New York.

Don Hannah ’55

My years at UVA provided me with the basic fundamentals that have governed my life. I am proud of the fact that the UVA Polo Club is still thriving since I started it in 1951 . . . 58 years ago! The lessons learned from that effort have been used over and over again in my entrepreneurial career. One of my companies, Hannah Marine has owned and operated vessels in many parts of the world. I became involved with the “Semester at Sea” program in 1999. In 2004, and because of my maritime experience, I was able to help them acquire the MV Explorer, a four year old 1250 passenger cruise ship. In 2006 I was then able to organize the transfer of the academic sponsorship of the vessel from the University of Pittsburgh to the University of Virginia. The vessel now proudly carries the colors of UVA. I encourage my SAE brothers to investigate this great program so that their sons and daughters can also participate in this truly “life changing” experience. I am sorry that I will be unable to join you all for this anniversary program as my wife and I will be traveling overseas. Wahoo Wah!

Carleton M. Luck ’57

Recently returned from a 3 and a half week vacation touring Australia for 3 weeks and New Zealand for 4 days. It was really fabulous. The Australians like Americans. I saw no reason not to like them. They love beer, having fun and the women were very attractive. I had a little trouble understanding their accent and I think it evened out for I got several looks like what the heck did he just say?

Cecil Underwood ’57

Charles, John Cocke ’69, Henry Harbin ’68, Harte Thomas ’69, Chuck Edwards ’70, Bob Harbin ’70, and Larry Williams ’71 just returned from a golf outing in CA where we played San Francisco Golf Club, Cypress Point and Pebble Beach. In the interest of fraternal harmony, we allowed Charles Caldwell of St. Anthony Hall to accompany us. A great time was had by all, but too many balls in the ocean!

Timothy W. Oakes ’61

Vice Mayor, City of Danville since July 2008.

Read A. Lunsford ’65

Read, a commercial-industrial Realtor from Roanoke, Va for 35 years, has re-located his office and residence to Millboro, Va. Read is re-directing his real estate efforts to farm and estate property in Bath, Highland, NW Rockbridge, and Western Augusta counties with a focus on mountain streams and waterfront properties.

Louis N. Dibrell III ’66

Retired and living in Virginia for half the year and Cape Town, South Africa for the other half.

Allen T. Nelms, Jr. ’66

Retired and loving every minute!

Edwin Finch III ’67

My wife and I tracked mountain gorillas in Rwanda and did photographic safaris in Kenya and Tanzania. Great trip!

Bob Cabaniss ’69

Bob has started another career at 61 as Executive Director of Williamsville Wellness LLC in support of gambling & alcohol recovery. This great center is located on a 400 Acre Farm known for its extensive history and the main home is a National Historic Landmark. You can learn more about at it

Arthur Best ’75

Arthur’s daughter Katie is entering U.Va. as a first-year this fall.

Andy Salisbury ’75

Quick summary: Left C’ville in ’75 and moved to Aspen for a year of skiing, drinking, etc. Eventually made it through law school. After a stint in D.C., I settled down in my home town of Charlotte. Married and spawned two red-haired children. Enjoyed my practice, especially having John Springer as a client! Then came my diagnosis of Parkinson’s. I retired in 2005 and am learning to live under a cloud. This cloud has a very bright silver lining, however. My SAE brothers have been the most loyal and dedicated group of friends ever. They have been the mainstay of my support and have contributed generously to our foundation for Parkinson’s research. I would not miss the 150th weekend, and I hope all who are able will come. We have much to celebrate.

Shelton Thomas ’75

The class of 75 continues it biannual reunions, a tradition that we have enjoyed for the close to 30 years. Spouses are included and all look forward to the gathering with great pleasure. We spent 4 years living the stories and 30 years rehashing the tales. Our most recent reunion was a Amelia Island where the food was great, the drinks were flowing and the golf was mediocre. The brothers have remained great friends and sources of support in our personal and business lives. Our families have grown up together and all seek a college experiences that mimics that we had at The University. What we learned at UVA has helped our lives; the people we met there has been priceless.

Bailey Izard

Added a fourth male heir, James Patrick Izard, on election day 2008. James joins David (10), Mack (8) and George (5), all destined to be successful Rubes in their own right.

Steve Brooks ’89

Steve, his bride Marla-Deen, and his three sons, Deen (11), Smith (9), and John Thomas (6), live in Atlanta, Ga. and spend most of their time at Buckhead Baseball or NYO football, and occasionally, escape for Dawgs football games in Athens or weekends at their place at Lake Toxaway, N.C.

Griffin Davis ’89

Griffin was married to Heather Keating in May 2008 in Austin, TX. Had dinner with Steve Brooks at Amelia Island, July 2008 who claimed to have left his wallet at home, Griffin had to pay…

Spencer Edmunds ’89

Spencer is completing his 10th year at Canterbury School in Greensboro, where he is the Middle School Director. Canterbury rewards faculty for 10 years of service with a weekend trip away, and Spencer and his wife, Kara (’91), were recently sent off to the Boar’s Head in Charlottesville for the weekend. In October of ’06, Spencer enjoyed meeting up with fellow Skulltones members, including fellow SAE Richard Garner (’89), and playing to help christen the new house with many old rubes. Spencer and Kara have four children, including triplets who will be five in June.

John Decker ’96

John was elected partner in the law firm of Hunton & Williams LLP. John practices in the firm’s capital finance and real estate group. He and wife, Mimi, and their two boys, Frank (5) and Jay (3), are relocating from Knoxville, Tennessee this summer to Atlanta, Georgia, where John will practice in Hunton’s Midtown office.

Dennis Hawkins ’98

Dennis married Holly Ellis in Barboursville, Virginia in 2003. They have a son, Carter Jackson born in 2007, who will be eligible for rubehood sometime in 2025.

Eric Mackiewicz ’01

Eric is currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands with his wife Megan. He has been working for SAIC as a project manager for NATO’s Active Layer Theater Ballistic Missile Defense System Engineering and Integration contract in Den Haag, Netherlands for the past year and a half and will be overseas until early 2009.

Wickliffe Lyne ’02

Wickliffe will be receiving his JD from T.C. Williams School of Law. Upon Graduation Wickliffe will be taking an associate’s position with Guggenheim Partners in New York, New York.

Carter Peatross ’04

Carter became engaged to Katie Curry (’04) in May 2007. Their wedding is scheduled for October, 2008.

Will Baldwin ’05

Will married Meg Price in New Orleans on February 23. The festivities were attended by groomsmen Gannon McCaffery ’05 and John Carr ’05, Henry Long ’05, Tyler Baker ’04, Joe McCabe ’04, Tommy Bishop ’05, Brandon Early ’05, David Noland ’05, Chris Savoie ’04, Matt Miller ’06, Pete Armstrong ’06, Robert Bailey ’06, Peter Kemp ’06, Jamie O’Toole ’05, Chris Transier ’06, Craig Freel ’05, Christian Fuqua ’05, Mike Essig ’05, Jeremy Walters ’05, Chris Karvetski ’05, and Jacob Werner ’05. Will will graduate in May from Tulane Law School.

Chris Karvetski ’05

Finished MS in math at Clemson and is now starting his PhD in Systems Engineering at U.Va.

Jeremy Walters ’05

Finishing up his MBA at Old Dominion University in Dec ’09. Currently working as an analyst for Waterside Capital Corporation, a small business investment company located in Virginia Beach, VA.