The Jeffrey L. Reider & Charles F. Otis Endowed Prize

  • Who: Undergraduate (excluding first years) or graduate students who attend UVA full-time.
  • What: One-time award of up to $5,000.
  • When: 2020 has already been awarded, check back in early 2021
  • How: Application will be opened in early 2021
  • Contact:

The Jeffrey L. Reider and Charles F. Otis Endowed Prize annually provides a one-time scholarship award of up to $5,000 to a student of any sexual orientation who has demonstrated a willingness to advance the rights and acceptance of the LGBTQ community. Activity in music and the arts will also be considered.

Decisions are made by a committee consisting of faculty chair Fred Maus, and four students involved with the LGBTQ community at the University of Virginia.

Reider-Otis Scholarship 2020 Winners

Chance McCraw (Law ’21)

Chance McCraw is in his third year at the law school. During his time at UVA, he has served on the boards of numerous organizations. Some of these positions and activities included: Chair of Programming and subsequent Chair of Lambda Law Alliance’s Ele(Q)t conference, which encourages members of the LGBT community to run for office; Co-Chair of the law school’s Health and Wellness Committee where he organized signature collection for changing the FDA ban on same-sex blood donations coupled with a speaker event, organized the law school’s first Movember to collect donations for men’s health issues, and worked with Dean Groves to add the Crisis Text Line number to the back of student ID card for next year; and the Federalist Society Chair of Organizational Outreach where he organized and emceed the Federal Society, American Constitution Society, and Lambda annual trivia night.

Chance currently serves as the Managing Editor for the Virginia Journal of International Law and the Law Republicans President where he promotes equality and opportunity for everyone at UVA Law. After graduation, he will return to North Texas and subsequently join the Foley and Lardner Dallas Office.

Hana Suliman (Col ’23)

Hana Suliman is a second-year in the College of Arts and Sciences hoping to major in Global Public Health with a double minor in African-American Studies and Studio Art. During their time at UVA, Hana primarily focuses on their academics, digital art, and fostering their multicultural, multiracial queer community. Upon entering the university, Hana hoped to integrate themselves into and advocate for a multitude of social identity groups, such as Queer Student Union (QSU) and Black Student Alliance (BSA). In pursuit of this goal, they served as the Intersectionality Chair for QSU, a Social Chair for BSA’s Social-Cultural Committee, and volunteered for the LGBTQ Center in their spare time.  A large part of Hana’s ambitions at the university is supporting LGBTQ youth of color through direct representation in their artistic work. Imbued with a love of diversity and inclusion, Hana’s work interweaves varying intersection of self-expression with western art aesthetics, bringing together unique visions of social identity and culture to art and photography. They have recently begun working with the Multicultural Student Center and LGBTQ Center to add a collection of their works to the shared student spaces in hopes of cultivating positive representation and depictions of marginalized groups through artistic means.

Hana currently lives in Fairfax, VA and attends college classes remotely. Lately, they’ve been working online to share their digital art process and is overseeing a series based upon Black representation and Black art during an age of increased police brutality and cries for abolition. In the future, Hana plans to continue their artistic journey, sparking conversations on difficult social topics and serving their communities through their work as a digital artist.

Reider-Otis Scholarship 2019 Winner: Marie Olavere-Terry (Col ’19)

Marie Olavere-Terry graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences in 2019 with a B.A. in History. During her time at UVa, Marie focused her efforts in her academics, creative outlets, and especially, her community of fellow Hoos and Houstonians. Upon entering into the University, Marie made it a goal to continue the work of predecessors of improving conditions for all individuals in Charlottesville and her hometown of Houston, TX. In pursuit of this goal, she served as the Vice President of Community Engagement for the Queer Student Union, acted as an officer for Athletes for Equality, and interned for the UVa LGBTQ Center as its Operations, then Engagement intern. In the summer before her third year, Marie also co-founded of PLUS+, an LGBTQ faith group on Grounds to provide a space for LGBT and questioning folks of faith to discuss their being and be free of prejudice. Both in Charlottesville and in Houston, Marie mentored LGBTQ youth. When she wasn’t busy with school, she sang with both the University Singers and Chamber Singers, served as a Producer for the 2016 Music Arts Board, and acted as a Fourth Year Trustee for UVa’s Bicentennial Class.

Marie currently serves as a Post-Graduate Trustee for the Class of 2019 through the UVa Alumni Association. After graduating, Marie joined AmeriCorps VISTA to continue to serve LGBTQ Houstonians at the Montrose Center where she creates cost-tracking systems for the HEB Emergency Food Pantry and forms new programming for its community center. In the future, she plans to attend law school where she hopes to achieve a J.D./MBA dual-degree.

Reider-Otis Scholarship 2019 Honorable Mentions

Kyle J. Gename graduated with their Master of Landscape Architecture degree in May 2019. During their time at UVA, Kyle was the Editor-in-Chief of The Q* Anthology of Queer Culture, working primarily on graphic design and the publication of the Anthology’s second edition—To One Another and the World.

Kyle currently lives in Durham, NC, and works as a landscape designer for Surface 678. Lately, they’ve been settling into the legit queer scene in Durham and getting familiar with local and state laws that discriminate against queer people. Not unlike their time in Charlottesville, Kyle plans to become involved in local politics and community organizing. Kyle adamantly believes in the cultural power of public space, and also intends to serve the community through their work as a designer.

Myka Greene and is an aspiring filmmaker and writer from Richmond, VA. Myka works to provide a narrative to marginalized voices, including but not limited to women, people of color, those suffering from mental illness, and those in the LGBTQ+ community (basically anyone other than cisgender white men). Myka hopes that the spaces and voices create emphasis the crux of art – the assertion that no one is alone, the human experience is shared.  

Reider-Otis Scholarship Recipients


Madeline Carmain
MED ’13


Sarah Leser
College ’15, MED + Batten ’19




Mitchell Wellman
College ’17



Connor Roessler
CLAS ’16


Jaime Hartless
GSAS ’17


Cindy Gray
Education ’15


Abe Wapner
College ’14


Chase Cooper
Law ’13


Samantha Tornello
GRAS ’10


Hallie Clark
College ’13


Reginald Benbow
College ’11


D. Verena Kollig
GSAS ’12


Patrick Ahern
Nursing ’11


D.J. Lic
College ’09


Rachel Farr
GSAS ’08


Wyatt Fore
College ’08

Wyatt (left) receiving the inaugural award from Jeffrey L. Reider, College ’74 (right)

*Honorable Mention