Caroline Janney

Caroline Janey
Photo from UVA Department of History

Join Caroline Janney November 8, 2021 at 12:00 noon for a discussion on “Confederate Monuments and the Lost Cause”.

In recent years, perhaps no topic of American history has found itself more scrutinized by the lay public and the media more than the Civil War, and more specifically Confederate symbols. But why is this topic so polarizing? How did we get here? Why does it continue to animate heated debate more than 150 years after the end of the Civil War? Professor Carrie Janney’s current book, Ends of War: The Unfinished Fight of Lee’s Army After Appomattox, is a provocative work that examines various historical events that, presumably, marked the end of the Civil War. Ironically, surrender at Appomattox did not necessarily serve as an end to the Confederacy but rather it can be viewed as a launch to an intense and persistent movement that continues today. Current political and social circumstances now converge and inflame emotions that resurrect controversial Confederate symbols like the ‘Lost Cause’, and Confederate monuments across the country. In a conversation with Craig Littlepage, Professor Janney will discuss her approach to teaching history vs. memory for more than fifteen years and reflect on her scholarship regarding Civil War memory.

Dr. Janney is a John L. Nau, III professor in History of American Civil War who specializes in topics such as the U.S. Civil War, 19th Century U.S. History, Women and Gender History as well as Memory. In addition to her time spent teaching, Dr. Janney has written and co-authored several books and article on topics such as the Civil War and public memory related to the war.