A Big Day in Northern Virginia & DC

Hoos Take on the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Erg Sprints

In the annual February pilgrimage to Northern Virginia, the Wahoos enjoyed a successful afternoon of agony, with multiple athletes pulling personal ergometer records for 2000 meters. In all, the men brought home one gold (Kian Ivey), four silver (Ian Feeney, Scott Stuard, John Furlong, and Isaac Mackey), and two bronze medals (Forrest Brown and Mike Becker). Collectively, the team also collected the collegiate team trophy for the third year in a row.

Check out the video highlights below!

The 2013 State of the VRA Dinner

The 2nd annual event was held at the BlackFinn Saloon, in Washington, DC, and was a great success! Chris Ankley won the long-distance award, for flying in from California for the dinner. And happy birthday again to VRA’s treasurer David Kudravetz!

Check out the video highlights below.

Row Hoos Row!