Overview and Welcome, from the Team:

Virginia Rowing represents the University of Virginia at races all over the United States and even in Europe. It recruits high school athletes as well as on-Grounds athletes. Those recruits range from high school rowers who have won scholastic national rowing championships to those who arrive on Grounds having never seen a rowing shell.

Last year, Virginia Men’s Rowing finished an incredibly difficult year on a real high note by winning the Oak Ridge Invitational Regatta, a.k.a. “Fake ACRAs”! Although not “officially” National Champions – we sure celebrated like we were!

A special thank you to all the teams that participated, especially our biggest rivals, the University of Michigan. The hope to race them at the end of May gave us optimism and purpose all year, regardless of the result (which turned out in our favor). The entire regatta was entirely coach/athlete-run in order to keep costs down, everyone worked hard and contributed immensely in order for all the athletes to race. We are simply grateful for this opportunity. THANK YOU!

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