Overview and Welcome from the Team:

Virginia Rowing represents the University of Virginia at races all over the United States and even in Europe. We recruit high school athletes as well as on-Grounds athletes. Those recruits range from high school rowers who have won scholastic national rowing championships to those who arrive on Grounds having never seen a rowing shell.


The Men’s and Women’s teams were hosting opponents and both swept all their races. Thanks to the great cooperation between everyone we were even able to race in the first place since the reservoir’s water level skyrocketed thanks to heavy rains on Friday. Somehow we pulled it off and it was a fantastic day! Along with parents we also had our traditional 4th year dinner, which of course, left a few wet eyes… time flies!


Hoos Retain the SIRA Conference Championship!

Wins in the 1x, 2nd Novice eight, 1st Novice eight and 2nd Varsity eight. Total of ten boats – all made the grand finals. The Varsity eight had, what might the tightest race of the year already: Colgate took the win, 2nd placed Jacksonville, 3rd FIT and 4th UVA were separated by less than 0.2 seconds!

Follow the results and race video here: https://siraregatta.com/

Go Hoos!