Interested in Rowing? Find out More!

Trying Out


All athletes welcome, no experience necessary! Learn more about UVA’s first Intercollegiate Sport and our tradition of excellence.

1. Get Information

Meet team members and coaches to find out about the sport of rowing. Look for us at these events as well as around Grounds during the week.

Activities FairMon 8/2711a-3p
O'HillWed 8/2911a-2p
O'HillThu 8/3011a-2p

2.  Attend a Callout Meeting

Join us for a one hour session to get a better sense of the sport, our team and culture, and how joining will improve your college experience.

Dell 1 105Fri 8/315p-6p
Gilmer 190Sun 9/27p-8p

3. Tryout

Attend 2 different 45-minute sessions, learn the basics, and take your first strokes!

Slaughter Rec CenterTue 9/41p-5p on the top of the hour
Slaughter Rec CenterWed 9/51p-5p on the top of the hour
Slaughter Rec CenterThu 9/61p-5p on the top of the hour