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Virginia Rowing is atypical of most club teams at the University in that it recruits many of its athletes out of high school, just as any varsity team at Virginia would do. In addition, some of the team’s athletes have rowed in high school but have not been recruited. The majority of our rowers have not rowed before coming to college, though they have participated in a wide variety of sports.

It is not necessary to have rowed in high school to join the team.

Everyone who wants to join the team must try out, even if they rowed in high school. The coaches and the team are looking for the best athletes, period. Tryouts take place early in the school year, usually during the second week of classes. Anyone interested in trying out should click on the RECRUITING tab and fill out the appropriate questionnaire. There you will also find information for contacting our novice coach.

Virginia Rowing is a program for both heavyweight and lightweight rowers. Rowers tend to be tall; height is an enormous advantage, although it does not guarantee success. Again, the team is looking for the best possible athletes.


A coxswain sits in the stern of the boat, facing the rowers. His/her job is steer the shell, to give all of the commands to the rowers both on and off the water, and to execute race strategy. The rowers literally do not take a stroke unless the coxswain tells them to.

Men or women can cox for the men’s crew. Gender makes no difference. Weight, however, is important. A coxswain must weigh 120 lbs (or close) or less. If you have coxed in high school, you are at an advantage. If you have not coxed, we will teach you if you are of the right weight and, especially, demeanor. Good coxswains are confident and responsible.

Current Students

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