Virginia Rowing Needs Your Continued Support

Last year we asked you to help us make our budget by contributing at least $120,000 to the general fund. You met the goal! Thank you for your generosity!

For perspective on our budget versus the budgets of several varsity teams we race, we spend less than $5,000 per rower, of which $2,000 comes from the athletes—and we still balanced our budget last year!

Here’s how we stack up against our top competitors, based on their filings with the federal government:


This stunning comparison illustrates the efficient use of VRA’s finances.

For 2013–2014, we have budgeted for $140,000 of gifts to the general fund.

We ask for your continued generous support! Please consider “joining” the $500 Club! Click on the DONATE/SUPPORT button at, where you can either set up regular donations from your credit card that add up to $500 a year (or any other amount), or you can simply make a lump sum donation. Put another way, for less than a cup of Starbucks coffee a day, you can make the crucial difference for Virginia Rowing!

Go Hoos!