2017 HRR Update Six

HRR Update Six, from 51.5768° N, 0.9895° W

Rising fourth year and resident Gonzaga HS expert Xeno Muller has taken a bit of time from his busy schedule to bring you this update.

Today we woke up and had another breakfast of porridge before heading off to the course, starting to settle into a morning routine. As we take more strokes on the Thames the feeling of serious training that we had back in Charlottesville returns, with the initial feelings of wonderment beginning to evaporate.  The eight managed to hit the fastest split off of the start that we have seen in training thus far (seen in Frank’s above video), and the four had a reinvigorated technical focus during these pieces. In addition, we acquired a Hudson single and oars, so that Sean could get some more on the water training.

Sean Allen happily pushing off the dock in the 1.42 Hudson has graciously leant to us.

In the afternoon, we made some adjustments to the rig of the eight to account for the higher level of speed reached in the morning session. We tested this new rig with over a short row in which we took some bursts at race pace. Tomorrow marks the last day before time trials, and, with the forecast predicted similar conditions to race day, we are excited to get out there and throw down some good pieces.

Go Hoos.



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