Name: Lynne Stein Benzion
Year: 1985
Chorus Positions: Librarian; Founding Recording Secretary of VWC Alumni Interest Group

I was a super-active UVA undergraduate – WTJU News Editor, WUVA Disc Jockey, Madison House Big Sister, Hillel Shabbat Dinner Chair – but I think the only activity that kept my full attention for the entire four years was Women’s Chorus. Perhaps that was because we were perpetually challenged to sing higher-level music more beautifully. I was an average chorister at best, so I had to spend a lot of time in those tiny, smelly practice cubicles in Old Cabell to keep up. But it taught me that hard work makes most goals achievable, and ignited my smoldering interest in choral music to full flame.

Since graduating, I have continued to sing chorally, changing groups as my skill level increased. Most recently, I sang for a number of years with the National Philharmonic, performing in Rockville, MD in the acoustically amazing Strathmore Hall. Professionally, I had a small business for nine years, was a substitute teacher for four, and spent the last 11 years as an economic developer, helping people start and grow companies. I recently moved to Hollywood, FL, where I am principal of my own economic and business development firm, getting involved with the U.Va. Club of South Florida, and looking for a new choral group. I’ve been happily married to Ira for 27 years, and our kids, Rebecca and Daniel, are mostly-independent adults. I encourage all VWC alums to get involved with the AIG, because the VWC just keeps getting better, and it’s a thrill to be a part of it!

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