November 2012: Connections Concert

First ever Connections Concert was a huge success! Alumnae of the Women’s Chorus and members from the VWC joined voices for the first ever Connections Concert in Fairfax, VA on November 17, 2012. There were more alums than chorus members (35 and 30!) and great singing, mingling, and reminiscing took place. Our Alumnae Interest Group treated us to a delicious dinner before the concert – yum!

Alums and Chorus sang some WC standards – “Nigra Sum,” “Simple Gifts,” “Naomi and Ruth,” “Lift Thine Eyes,” “Set Me as a Seal,” and “This Little Babe” – and the Chorus shared some music from the 2012 Candlelight Concerts.

Special thanks and recognition to Liz Lane, who did an extraordinary job of coordinating the event!

Many alums requested that this become an annual event and we’re hoping to have several Connections Concerts in various locations in the years to come. If you’re interested in hosting or helping us with this, please let KaeRenae know. Thanks!

March 2013: Community Service

Served Easter lunch to over a hundred individuals at Martha’s Table in the U Street neighborhood of DC.

June 2013: Reunions Reception in a Pavilion Garden

December 2013: Candlelight Concert Alumni Reception

December 2013: National Christmas Tree (gathered to cheer on the Chorus!)

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