My name is Alex Salesin and I am thrilled to be the Chorus’ 2017 Vice President!  I am currently a third year studying history and elementary education, and I have been a part of VWC since my first semester first year.  The girls in the chorus that fall welcomed me into the incredible community that we have here, and we continue to strengthen our sisterhood each semester.

This spring, we took eight new girls, each bringing wonderful talent and unique personality to the group.  They have already persevered through long rehearsals and enjoyed the satisfaction of singing beautifully after such hard work at Singfest in mid-February.  Coming up, we are looking forward to traveling to Northern Virginia for a destination rehearsal weekend.  We will live, eat, and breathe together, and come out on the other side a well-rehearsed sisterhood.  I am personally excited to introduce new initiatives this year that will energize our chorus community.  We are beginning to hold weekly study nights and dinners to encourage members to see one another regularly and to boost camaraderie by commiserating about all of our coursework together.  In addition, we will soon hold the first of three sisterhood weeks, each designed to help chorus members get to know those in their sections, years, and chorus families.  Our social chair, Kaitlyn, organized a snowtubing trip where we trekked up to Wintergreen and shivered under a gorgeous moon.  However, the coming of new girls also means the release of fourth years.  This year, we only have three chorus members who will be leaving us in May, and we are determined to squeeze every last bit of chorus spirit and fun out of them before they leave!  We know they will go on to accomplish wonderful things, and we wish them good luck with all that is to come.

As for social events, our relationship with the Glee Club continues to grow.  As mentioned by our lovely President, Madison, we will participate in a collaborative concert in April hosted by the Glee Club.  Kaitlyn is busy organizing all of our usual social traditions: munching Bodo’s at OCH, traveling to the Foxfield races and not seeing a single horse, and the infamous Beach Week.  We are looking forward to another semester with our brothers in song!

I sincerely hope all of our alumni will consider joining us for concerts and events in the upcoming months.  As we work to strengthen our community within chorus, we would like to include all of our past members in our vibrant sisterhood.  Please come support us and meet our wonderful new girls, and we will greatly enjoy welcoming you back!


Virginia Women’s Chorus Vice President

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